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The New Advanced Diagnostic Software SerDia 4.0: What’s New

by 4CWrrdd2Dp

There are important innovations concerning the DEUTZ SerDia diagnostic software. This is a tool used for the commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance of all DEUTZ engines. The recent updates, which are illustrated below, allow to optimize the operation of the engine for its usage, thus managing to schedule ordinary and non-routine maintenance and rapid diagnosis in the event of a fault. This is an advanced enhancement to facilitate intervention by professionals.

But how does the SerDia software work? It guarantees constant updates on the DEUTZ engine in use, leveraging an integrated web service. Engine-related data is shared on the cloud, so you can always take full advantage of further key developments.

Advanced service package: the new SerDia software update

The new DEUTZ “advance Service” service is finally available for all DEUTZ Italy Network technicians, and for all those who are willing to use it. It will be easily accessible thanks to a specific app, which manages access rights using the new automatic user management system. 

At the time of activation of the software, a request is automatically sent for your ID number, through which you may have access to a series of fundamental services concerning both all the components and the various characteristics of the engine. With the new advanced service it will be possible to access the following features:

  • History of the engine in use
  • 3D model of the engine
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Manuals
  • Wiring diagram
  • Repair information
  • Notices

Updates from the latest model

The previous software, SerDia 2010 made it possible to diagnose any problem for years, putting the engine and the technicians in communication, so as to identify operating anomalies, or error codes. But thanks to the new update it will also be possible to monitor the correct functioning of each part of the engine, viewing, and above all, storing the operating data. The latter is mostly important for trying to constantly improve the functioning of the engine and its management.

User management system

As mentioned, to make the best use of the new advanced software it is necessary to guarantee access to the technicians to ensure that the exchange of information is secure and used quickly to solve any problem. Being able to deal quickly and safely with malfunctions or breakdowns, which therefore require immediate action, is one of the priorities of this company.

The new SerDia version is ideal for working with the following DEUTZ engine series:

  • 2.2, 2.9, 3.6, 4.1, 6.1, 7.8
  • 12.0, 16.0 (will follow in 2022)

Through the browser app of the software, all performed calculations and 3D modeling can be sent as an image without any special requirements for a given device or for the users themselves.