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Honorable Mention for Torqeedo: One of the Most Innovative Shipping Companies

by xBJ1R439wX

Soundings Trade Only has compiled a list of annual awards to be given to companies that have been able to leave their mark in the last 12 months. Among these, Torqeedo received a special mention within the “Most Innovative Marine Companies” awards program for 2022.

The company has once again demonstrated that it plays a key role within the water-based electric mobility sector, thanks to the standards it offers and its strong leadership in the production of engines that dominate the reference market.

Torqeedo’s team reaction after the award ceremony

The awards ceremony took place extraordinarily online last October 21, due to Hurricane Ian which forced the cancellation of the International Boatbuilders Exposition. This is the second time Torqeedo has received such a prestigious nomination in the annual awards, and it is an important recognition for what it represents.

President Steve Trkla explained:

Torqeedo continues to drive the emission-free future of boating by developing flexible, scalable and comprehensive products for electrification. We’re proud to be the electrification partner for many of the world’s most reputable boatbuilders and it’s an honour to be recognized yet again as one of the most innovative marine companies”.

The editor of Soundings Trade Only, Michele Goldsmith, underlined instead the importance of honoring companies that have decided to lead the process of innovation, technology and sustainability in the nautical sector by taking risks.

Torqeedo ‘s concept of innovation in respect of sustainability

Credits: Torqeedo 2022 digital press conference

With every product that it brings to the market, Torqeedo wants to obtain a solution that is technologically superior and advantageous in many respects, able to satisfy any need. The propulsion systems operate at record levels for overall efficiency, a key detail in determining power and range for limited battery power.

Browsing through the product catalog, you may find that Torqeedo offers outboard and inboard electric motors and hybrid drive systems from 0.5 to 100 kW at engine level (up to 200 kW at system level). Also a large range of accessories are available: from lithium batteries to solar charging devices that can be connected via smartphone apps.

It should be recognized and remembered that every production and every project is performed with the desire to safeguard the environment for future generations, finding solutions that are respectful of the ecosystem.

Torqeedo’s awards in recent years

The Soundings Trade Only 2022 award is just the latest of Torqeedo ‘s acknowledgments in recent years.

In 2019, for example, Torqeedo won the NMMA Innovation Award with his Deep Blue 100i at the Miami International Boat Show. The previous year the company was a winner of the Maritime Sustainability Award 2018, with the Deep Blue System at Seawork International in Southampton, UK. On that occasion, it was recognized the strong contribution that Torqeedo brought for the development of the ECOCAT, an 18-metre, 120-passenger solar-electric vessel from Metaltec.

In previous years, Torqeedo obtained also the Green Award working in collaboration with Hanse to develop a brand-new rudder transmission in 2017.