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Innovative Torqeedo Drive Systems at the 2024 Boat Show

by xBJ1R439wX

A prestigious stage such as the boot 2024 Boat Show in Düsseldorf can only call upon the leaders in the field of electric mobility on water. Among them was Torqeedo, which focused on its revolutionary projects during the event. And in particular on its innovative propulsion systems

Let’s discuss the entire product portfolio in detail, from small outboards to customisable propulsion and energy management systems, fully integrated for larger vessels. But there was also a focus on the direct customer experience, through a virtual navigation simulator for Travel XP, with the powerful Deep Blue 80 battery.

Let’s take a closer look at Torqeedo’s comprehensive vision for the future.

What was presented during boot 2024

Visitors to the German event were confronted with the latest innovations from the world’s leading manufacturer of electric and hybrid engines for the maritime sector. These products include a wide range of Torqeedo electric drive systems from 1 kW up to 200 kW for:

  • Small boats with the brand new Travel Family;
  • Sailboats and motorboats up to 12 tons with the Cruise system;
  • Larger boats and boats up to 120 feet with Deep Blue modular systems. 

For each proposed solution, advice was also offered by a team of experts, ready to explain the qualities of Torqeedo’s high-tech transmission systems at first hand. And above all, how these products can improve life on board, managing both propulsion and power generation and distribution. 

The new Deep Blue design studio

There was a memorable premiere at the German event for Torqeedo, which showed the visionary Deep Blue design studio to the public. This is a demonstration of the team’s desire to keep up-to-date not only to remain ahead of the competition, but also to propose innovations in the field of maritime transport.

The navigation simulator

We mentioned the presence of the navigation simulator, a passkey for visitors to experience first-hand the performance and functionality of Torqeedo engines. In the simulation, you are aboard a virtual boat on a lake, attempting to collect plastic waste. The highest score obtained during this performance enables receiving Torqeedo’s new Travel XP as a prize.

Torqeedo sustainable products on show

The boot 2024 reconfirmed Torqeedo’s main objectives of delivering high-performance solutions with respect to sustainability in the marine industry. For this reason, the French boatyard Bénéteau was able to present the electrified version of the new Oceanis for the first time. The new model relies on a Cruise 12.0 Fixed Pod and a 10 kW battery bank as a zero-emission drive.

Alongside it is the 100% electric Delphia 10 Lounge Top, an ideal solution for sailing on lakes or urban waterways. This spacious boat is powered by a fully integrated Deep Blue system with a 50 kW motor, 40 kWh Deep Blue battery, solar integration and on-board energy management.

Meetings between experts

Boot 2024 in Düsseldorf is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for water sports and maritime technology. It is capable of attracting thousands of people and industry experts not only to present new products and electrical solutions, but also to encourage meetings and debates.

The CEO of Torqeedo took part in a panel discussion on the Blue Innovation Dock to provide interesting insights into electromobility. 

“We at Torqeedo are proud to participate in this event that reflects the same dedication we put into all our electric (and hybrid) propulsion products and systems. This also includes additional services such as our TorqView app, which provides our customers with essential statistics on their products in a management ecosystem’. 

An opportunity to open up the dialogue and learn more about Torqeedo’s vision from which interesting insights can be drawn.