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DEUTZ Service Portal: Original Spare Parts and Accessories Around the Clock

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DEUTZ, the leading company in the production of engines for use in the most varied fields, makes the Deutz Service Portal available: this portal brings the customer and the company’s authorized workshops closer when choosing and purchasing spare parts.

Deutz Service Portal is the web platform that offers customers direct contact with the company and the network of authorized dealers for the sale of original spare parts.

The portal provides automated support capable of dealing with maintenance and urgent repairs at any time: this service therefore allows to place any type of order at any time of day or night.

Signing up on the Deutz Service Portal

The registration procedure on the Deutz Service Portal is very simple and will allow you to register the engine using its serial number. This step is particularly important because it allows one to enjoy particular advantages in the system of services set up by Deutz. The Deutz Service Portal is a large online space where the answer to spare parts procurement needs can be found.

A dedicated catalog for registered engines

Deutz spare parts catalog is truly endless and it’s not always so easy to select the parts that are actually suitable for the engine to be repaired: registration in the Deutz Service Portal will therefore be essential and of great help. From that moment, by entering the engine serial number, only the spare parts that are compatible and available for the registered engine model will be visible.

In this way, every single piece available and purchasable will be absolutely compatible with the previously purchased Deutz engine. In addition, the purchase and shipping procedure will be performed by the assistance partner closest to the customer. The purchase and assistance conditions will be those personalized by the Deutz service network, all in an absolutely automatic way and managed in real time by the Deutz Service Portal.

The complete documentation of each engine

By registering the engine on the Deutz online service platform, another important advantage is also obtained: you will have access to the complete documentation of the purchased engine, via web, with the possibility of downloading the digital files.

First of all, the available materials concern the general information dedicated to the purchased engine, secondly, all the complete technical documentation relating to the maintenance and repair of the engine will be available.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to request special assistance dedicated to the purchased engine. This support request will be forwarded to the customer’s support partner who will carry out any necessary activities. The safety data sheets relating to Deutz oils and additives will be available in the technical documentation.

The Deutz Service Portal sections

Access to the Deutz Service Portal takes place through customer registration in a few minutes, entering personal and/or company data: once these simple formalities have been completed, it will be possible to access the heart of the Deutz assistance system.

The three main sections of the online platform are highlighted in the homepage center. The three sections are:

  • The section dedicated to the purchase of spare parts
  • Engine registration
  • The information center

Just one click on one of the three homepage areas is needed to access the desired section.

The spare parts purchase section

The section dedicated to spare parts includes all the endless range of parts that compose Deutz engines.

The section dedicated to spare parts includes all the endless range of parts that compose Deutz engines.

The various sections house the spare parts in an orderly manner with a summary of the main technical characteristics of each product, as well as images and technical drawings: by precisely identifying what you are looking for, it will be possible to find the desired material in a few moments.

There are two alternatives:

Navigate through the multiple pages of the generic catalog to locate the parts to be purchased.

Entering the engine serial number. In this way, the spare parts navigation menu will only show the parts that are actually mounted on the purchased engine.

The engine registration section

The section dedicated to engine registration consists of three boxes at the top of which it’s necessary to enter the data relating to the type of engine, the serial number and finally the model of the machine on which the engine is installed.

By pressing the search button, the engine purchased by the customer will immediately appear, with a card that briefly illustrates the technical characteristics of the Deutz product.

Once the registration has been confirmed, the Deutz Service Portal will adapt to best assist the customer, providing in detail all the necessary information for assistance regarding the registered engine.

Deutz Service Portal information center

Finally, the information center collects all the information and technical materials relating to the engines and their parts, that can be viewed online and eventually downloaded.

All operating manuals and those related to engine maintenance and repair are included. In addition, there is a section where all the instructions for the treatment of the oils and fluids used by the engines are available.

Deutz Service Portal brings the manufacturer, service network and customer together

With this service born in 2019, Deutz has put in place an important piece in the customer support strategy, creating a platform that organically connects the entire supply chain, from producer to consumer.

The customers, the assistance network and Deutz itself are present in this portal to obtain a synergy that takes customer care to a higher level. The exclusive services reserved for customers who register on the portal therefore become an added value that every Deutz engines customer can’t do without.