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DEUTZ Italy 2022: New Industrial Applications

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The year 2022 begins with interesting solutions created by DEUTZ Italy, specifically dedicated to the industrial sector. In this field, the Italian division of this prestigious brand is always able to provide quick and effective responses to the needs of its customers. A preview was shown at EIMA in Bologna at the end of last year.

deutz novita di deutz italy 2022
deutz novita di deutz italy 2022

The considerable work of DEUTZ Italy in terms of customization

The latest edition of EIMA 2021 was an opportunity for DEUTZ Italy to showcase its efforts in terms of customizing the application solutions of its engine models. In particular, two models have aroused the interest of insiders. Let’s see the first of these in detail, which can boast a truly significant increase in power, also thanks to the transformation made by DEUTZ Italy.

deutz novita di deutz italy 2022

New DEUTZ TCD 2.9 L4 HP: an engine intended for industrial applications

The High-Power version of the DEUTZ TCD 2.9 L4 represents the evolution in terms of power of an engine capable of delivering truly interesting performance right from the start. A straight-four engine, equipped with a common rail system, with a displacement of 2.9 liters. This turbo diesel engine with intercooler has among its peculiarities the fact of being very compact in terms of dimensions and guaranteeing a high-power density occupying very small installation spaces. The HP version guarantees an increase in performance which brings the power delivery from 55 KW to 75KW. This technical development, added to the ability to be proposed in different customization variants, makes this engine highly appreciated in various applications and finally, it has won favor with agricultural tractor manufacturers who have had the opportunity to use this engine on orchard tractors where the size and track of the machine are essential market requirements. A noteworthy improvement can be found on the exhaust gas treatment in the compact version used on the TCD2.9L4 High-Power engine.

In fact, the length of the SCR has been reduced, bringing the two catalyst bodies closer together (SCR & Clean -Up) and, at the same time, creating insulation along its entire length, effectively eliminating unused spaces. With this development, customers can install the engine with its after-treatment system (DPF and SCR) mounted above the engine, inside the engine compartment. And the whole exhaust gas after-treatment system (DPF and SCR) can be installed above the engine, approx. 10mm from the hood. This way, it’s possible to limit the passage of the very high temperatures (450°C on the SCR and >500°C on the DPF) present in the exhaust gas treatments, to a few hotspots, which are only present on the sensor sockets.

deutz novita di deutz italy 2022

For this special model there are maintenance intervals of 500 or 1000 hours, while using electronically controlled valves does not require any adjustment. In this way, operating and maintenance costs are contained, as is downtime for maintenance.

Customization is always at the top

Deutz Italy, through the work of its technical office, continues to study customized application solutions according to the needs of its constructor customers. The engine catalog is offered and made also in versions with radiator (Powerpack solution) in order to facilitate its installation, and with exhaust gas treatment system positions (EAT components) which can be agreed according to the customer’s needs and even supplied disassembled or already pre-assembled according to the customer’s wishes in order to further improve space management, also giving better heat dissipation. It’s difficult to find such compact post-treatment systems in the solutions of other competitors. The agricultural version of the 2.9HP TCD is already available (the Landini REX4 tractor was present at EIMA), while the version for industrial applications will be marketed in 2022.