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Deutz Italy: New Proposals with an Eye to the Future

by xBJ1R439wX

The year 2023, which is coming to an end, has been full of interesting events and trade fairs for DEUTZ Italy, in which it was possible to present the Deutz product range and the new DUAL+ strategy. It started at the end of 2022 with EIMA in Bologna, to continue with CON-EXPO in March 2023, at the end of May with the Venice Boat Show and recently with the GENOA BOAT SHOW. The GIS in Piacenza will soon be held from October 05 to 07, an important event of the lift industry, a sector in which Deutz holds the highest share of engine distribution and market penetration: we will be present in pavilion 1 stand B127 where we will present the TCD 3.9 L4 for the first time in Italy. Last but not least, the year 2023 will end on a high note in Hannover with Agritechnica, November 12 to 18, we will be present in pavilion 15 stand G12 and we will present the new features of the Deutz CLASSIC range regarding internal combustion engines (all HVO certified) and the GREEN range (E- Deutz E-360 system and the TCG 7.8 hydrogen engine).

Already in November 2022, participation in EIMA, the agricultural mechanization fair, had made it possible to bring together, in one place, professionals (of the sector) and the public. There were many new Deutz innovations, thanks also to a range of new products in line with the Dual+ Strategy (Classic, Green and Service) through which our CEO Marco Colombo had already anticipated the clear corporate mission to be developed over the course of 2023 and in the years to come.

DEUTZ Italy mission

As explained by the CEO of Deutz Italy, the company’s main objective is to focus on the concept of Customer Centricity, not only thinking about selling and the obtained results, but about offering full support and an experience in which the customer feels at the “centre” thanks to the services and products that Deutz offers. For Marco Colombo, this can only happen through the creation and consolidation of a cohesive working TEAM, where space is not given only to the individual but where everyone feels involved in the project, passionate and positive. A team in which all the same values (Truth, Transparency, Trust, Tenacity and TEAM) and the same objectives are shared (the customer first, the consolidation of the Classic line, respect for the environment and the implementation of the Green line and the service through the capillarization of the Italian network and the development of Third Parties). Full sharing of these principles and the created work team allows Deutz Italy to look positively to the future and continue to grow by following a transformation process towards Carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, precisely because it focuses on the concept of “Customer Centricity ”, Deutz Italy tries to offer the greatest number of customizations possible, in terms of service and product variety. Therefore, one of the main elements that contributes to the creation of added value for Deutz Italy is the high degree of diversification of the offer. The basic idea of the company, in fact, is to develop a range of ad hoc products, which meet the needs of both small and large customers.

An overview of the products presented at the trade fairs

The products that were officially presented starting from Eima 2022 and during 2023.

Taking into consideration the presented products, we may find:

  • PowerTree e E-360 system
  • TCD 2.9 L4 HP
  • TCD 3.6 L4
  • TCD 5.2 L4
  • TCG 7.8 L6 H2
  • TCD 3.9 L4

PowerTree and E-360 system

As regards the PowerTree, which won the Diesel Progress Summit Award, it is a solution that offers a fast charging system, ensuring a capacity of up to 150kW. This technology is supported by a digital app, which allows tracking of each charge on site.

E360 System
40 kW with 136 Nm at 2.300 rpm | peak 80 kW with 273 Nm at 10.000 rpm
400 V Lithium-Ion (NMC) battery | Fast recharge in less than 1 hour
ZERO Emission

Further considerations on engines

TCD 2.9 High Power

Speaking instead of the Classic line and combustion engines, the solution is that of the TCD 2.9 High Power, which sees an implementation of the power of the 55kW High Torque version reaching 77kW: this ensures a high-power density, if related to the dimensions of the engine, a high margin for customization and an enormous advantage in terms of compactness of the after-treatment.

Furthermore, we see a reduction in the size of the post-treatment through the two catalyzing bodies and thanks to the creation of insulation along the entire length.

TCD 2.9 L4 HP

TCD 3.6 L4

Deutz Italy flagship product remains the TCD 3.6 L4: it has different set-up configurations, depending on whether the end customer requests it with mounted or detached after-treatment, with 12 or 24 volt electrical system, with air compressor mounted on the PTO, radiator installed in the 2 or 3-stage Power Pack version and electrical wiring for ATS and customer side in order to offer a plug&play solution. This engine is identified as a best seller because it is very compact and offers high performance and technology with a wide power range, which extends from 55kW up to 105kW.

TCD 3.6 L4

Customization on multiple levels: TCD 5.2 L4

TCD 5.2 L4

The product that best expresses the degree of customization is the TCD 5.2 L4: created starting from the TCD 7.8 L6 as the basic model and with a power range between 100kW and 170kW, it’s equipped with OHV valves, which require less maintenance and they are designed for specific industrial use unlike those of the competition which use OHC valves clearly derived from the automotive sector. The TCD 5.2 is a 4-cylinder in-line engine, 5.2 liters in displacement, supercharged with common rail technology, without EGR system. The engine meets the requirements of EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 regulations with the exhaust gas emissions reduction system that uses DVERT (SCR) technology and a particulate filter (DPF), both very compact. There is also a variant without ATS (EDG version) available as an option for markets not subject to the latest exhaust emission regulations.

The first hydrogen engine from Deutz : TCG 7.8 L6 H2

The TCG 7.8 L6 H2 is the first hydrogen engine from Deutz AG, which meets all the criteria set by the EU for CO2-free engines, and is a further addition to our company’s portfolio, proof that the strategy Deutz aims for is sustainability through low or zero emission propulsion systems for stationary and off-highway applications. The TCG 7.8 H2 offers high reliability thanks to its diesel engine technology, of which it maintains the same dimensions, ensuring interchangeability and is, therefore, very cost-efficient and low-emission.

TCG 7.8 L6 H2

TCD 3.9 L4 TCD 4.0 L4

The latest addition to DEUTZ will be presented at the GIS in Piacenza.
Motore molto compatto progettato per mantenere gli ingombri del consolidato TCD 3.6 L4 incrementando ulteriormente la densità di potenza.

A very compact engine designed to maintain the dimensions of the consolidated TCD 3.6 L4 while further increasing power density.

Power from 75 kW up to 129.4 kW

Torque up to 700 Nm

Without EGR

With compact EAT

2 lateral PTOs of 160 and 310 Nm

What are the expectations for the future?

In conclusion to what has been said so far, Deutz Italy is using its energies to create proposals that are in line with the most heterogeneous market expectations. As stated by the CEO, Marco Colombo, the current scenario presents a level of demand that prevails over that of the simple supply, a situation that has allowed a significant increase in both the order load and the turnover of individual months. From this perspective, the desire is to continue to grow and satisfy customer requests, offering constant versatility and efficiency of products and ensuring added value to service and technical support.