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DEUTZ Italy at EIMA 2021 with two new proposals

by khSFX7dhpm

In this period in which the international exhibition activity is restarting, DEUTZ Italy is ready to show its constant commitment and presence. It’s important for DEUTZ to make each new product in its product range available to professionals and the general public.

EIMA in Bologna, a showcase for agricultural machinery

The resumption of EIMA International activity was in fact an opportunity for DEUTZ to present two new engines which further expand the vast range of its products. This international fair, which takes place in Bologna since 1969, represents a truly important exhibition space available to companies such as DEUTZ. The Bologna exhibition center hosts almost two thousand companies from around 50 countries. After its absence in 2020 for the known reasons, this year EIMA has returned to October, but from 2022 it will return to its traditional time slot, i.e., in November.

DEUTZ at EIMA with a leading role

The DEUTZ stand demonstrates how fundamental the company considers appointments like these, where it’s possible to show the best of the production and the new products. But not only. Many loyal customers can personally provide extremely useful opinions during these appointments.

Partner inputs are an asset

One of the secrets of a brand like DEUTZ is knowing how to take customer feedback and transform it into an engine of innovation. With part of the products presented live and part with multimedia content, it‘s possible to have a complete overview of the production dedicated to agriculture.

The role of DEUTZ Italy in the models’ customization

DEUTZ Italy has also the fundamental task of proposing customized engines with respect to the standard production. This service represents one of the aspects of greatest added value provided by DEUTZ Italy, particularly appreciated by national customers, for the extreme flexibility of production and customization of the products offered by the company. The work of the Italian branch is aimed at providing variations on the standard production, which may concern components such as radiators or the customer’s electrical system.

Two new proposals from DEUTZ Italy
For this reason, EIMA 2021 in Bologna is the right time to present two engine models that implement the consolidated product range. The target of these engines is in fact to maximize performance, while maintaining a small size.

DEUTZ TCD 2.9 L4 HP (high power 4 cylinders) industrial version

The new TCD 2.9 L4 HP (high power 4-cylinder) engine in the agricultural version is already available and was exhibited at the fair at the Landini stand on new REX 4 tractors. The version for industrial applications will be available in 2022 with power up to 75 kW@ 2200rpm.

The engine can be supplied with compact EAT mounted on the engine head or with detached after-treatment to be mounted on the machine chassis.


Another customization concerns the TCD 5.2 L4 model which leads to an extremely significant increase in power. The result is obtained while maintaining a reduced size and an exhaust gas post-treatment (DOC/DPF+SCR) with truly compact dimensions. As developed and implemented by our parent company Deutz AG, the solutions offered by Deutz Italy are added in terms of customer-side wiring that aims to be “Plug & Play” and the proposal of customized “radiator core” solutions.

A real bestseller

Alongside these new units, the TCD 3.6 L4 engine, which remains Deutz ‘s best seller, remains a real staple. Its technological solutions make it a high-performance engine available to the customer in the context of a significant reduction in emissions.

Personalization and record-breaking power

Strengths such as the urea injector incorporated in the DPF cap, or the possibility of proposing the radial (360° adjustable) or axial exhaust gas post-treatment outlet, strongly differentiate DEUTZ Italy from its competitors.

All these improvements lead to extremely significant power increases:

  • TCD 2.9 L4 HT 55 Kw with high torque at low revs
  • TCD 2.9 L4 HP up to 82 kW
  • TCD 3.6 L4 with a power range from 55 kW up to 105 kW
  • TCD 5.2 L4 with a power range from 100 kW up to 170 kW

DEUTZ true innovation engine

The essential customization works that DEUTZ Italy carries out on the company’s standard production line must be highlighted once again. The commitment of the Italian branch has the mission of working on both extremely basic mechanical motors and units with a high technological content. In this way, Italian customers will find a partner who is always attentive to receiving input aimed at improving the DEUTZ offer.

The two new alternatives for professionals in the sector
The two new engines present at the EIMA in Bologna further complete the company’s offer. The request for maximum compactness without incurring in heat dissipation difficulties, is a challenge that DEUTZ Italy has demonstrated it can win on the field.