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The New S-DEUTZ Service Contracts for Unlimited Assistance

by khSFX7dhpm

The S-DEUTZ program is one of the cornerstones with which our company deals with servicing the engines of our production. Since its opening in 2021, this latest generation portal has proved to be a top-quality tool for professionals who rely on DEUTZ engines.

The goal was precisely to improve support for our customers and develop a technological infrastructure capable of providing immediate and effective service.

Now, a further element that definitively characterizes the organization at the base of S-DEUTZ is being added. We are talking about service contracts, which allow to take full advantage of the entire support system, developed over the years by DEUTZ. But before delving into the world of this additional element, it’s important to explain what S-DEUTZ is and how it is organized.

S-DEUTZ overview and features

This portal stems from the previous experience gained through the E-DEUTZ project. Thanks to this previous know-how it has been possible to draw important indications for developing the new portal which was officially opened in 2021.

DEUTZ products buyers will find here everything they need in terms of spare parts and support services, making it easier to plan or activate the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of their engine fleet as well as to quickly resolve a malfunction or an engine failure.

The S-DEUTZ portal is based on 6 key points:

  1. Lifetime Parts Warranty
  2. Extended Engine Warranty
  3. Lifecycle solutions
  4. DPF cleaning
  5. Telematic Assistance
  6. Service Contracts

Each of them allows to address any unexpected issue as well as the normal life cycle management of a DEUTZ engine.

S-DEUTZ services in detail

The Lifetime Parts Warranty allows customers to access a warranty on original spare parts up to 5 years or 5000 operating hours: this is available for those who register their engine in the portal.

By choosing the Extended Engine Warranty, customers access a warranty that allows to better address any type of issue. Furthermore, it is easier to plan and schedule work even for those units that must carry heavy loads every day.

Lifecycle solutions enables the customer to take advantage of qualified personnel support for repairs management and spare parts choice. The DPF Cleaning service is not to be underestimated for the particulate filter cleaning.

Furthermore, S-DEUTZ offers a whole series of telematic services for an immediate and useful response to customers’ queries and issues.

However, to make the most of this wide range of services it’s necessary that our customers operate within a perfectly planned framework, and with clear costs that can be planned over time.
From now on, the purchaser of a DEUTZ engine is supported by a series of service contracts designed for all types of needs. Let’s see them in detail.

S-DEUTZ Care Program

Users of DEUTZ engines know the historical reliability of our products even for the most demanding jobs or carried out in difficult environmental conditions. However, problems which can lead to unexpected downtime can always arise.

An effective service, tailored to customer needs, is therefore essential for a truly continuous use of a DEUTZ engine.

The range of S-DEUTZ Care service contracts allows the customer to plan maintenance and assistance in the best possible way.

The advantages of this choice are clear.

  • early detection of failure risks
  • rapid assistance in the event of unplanned equipment failures
  • financial security through calculable costs (all repairs are covered)
  • attractive conditions with flexible terms

The customer can then choose the duration and type of service.

The proposed options are three:

  1. Basic
  2. Flex
  3. Full

Let’s see the differences between these three service contracts.

Basic Care

This solution lasts one year and allows to obtain interesting advantages in terms of spare parts and rapid assistance. Repairs are carried out by our staff and with original DEUTZ spare parts.

Flex Care

The Flex version of our service contract offers a full support level for three years and can be extended up to 5 years: in this case, access to the advantages for unexpected breakdowns and full telematic assistance are guaranteed.

Full Care

This is the best solution for those who have a large fleet of engines and carry out long-lasting jobs: having the certainty of minimizing downtime for a long period is an important gain in economic terms. Moreover, it allows to plan long-term investments regarding maintenance and the management of unplanned failures.

The following table summarizes the characteristics of the S-DEUTZ service contracts for a correct comparison between the various available options.

Choose the S-DEUTZ service contract that best suits your needs

The S-DEUTZ portal has immediately stood out for the clarity and efficiency of the tools it offers. The introduction of service contracts now allows you to plan the life cycle of DEUTZ engines in a simple and clear way: guaranteed assistance and transparent management costs.

Step into S-DEUTZ and discover the best way to protect your investment.