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DEUTZ Italy Concludes Partnership Agreement with RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG

by khSFX7dhpm

We are proud and excited to announce that last month we settled a commercial partnership with Rigas Dizelis DG, the Latvian manufacturer of marine equipment (generating sets, propulsion units and pumping units, all based on high speed marine diesel engines from 10 up to 1600 kW).

On one hand this partnership will allow DEUTZ Italy to integrate in its Marine Generators portfolio also units with low electric output, i.e. 10 kW up to 1550 kW, which RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG designs and assembles based on high-speed diesel engines delivered by leading and renowned manufacturers (Baudouin Moteurs, Scania, John Deer, Perkins, Mitsubishi, just to name a few). 

On the other hand RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG will be able to reach those regions that are currently  manned by DEUTZ Italy. In fact, in addition to Italy, the agreement covers the Balkans, Spain, Monte Carlo, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and some areas of Africa.

Marco Colombo, CEO of DEUTZ Italy Srl
Juris Dzenis, General Director of Rigas Dizelis DG

Forming a partnership with RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG was an easy decision,” said Marco Colombo, CEO of DEUTZ Italy “Both organizations strive to deliver customer focused, top quality services that truly add value, and for a reasonable price. I am hugely energized to work and partner with a like-minded organization.” Furthermore Mr. Colombo added: “The engineering capability and the production capacity of RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG will allow us to keep intact our reputation as a supplier of marine generator sets on board small boats and small-medium sized vessels, as our company had done for many decades under the name of IML Motori, that was the name of DEUTZ Italy before it was acquired by DEUTZ AG in 2017. We are confident that this agreement will significantly benefit Rigas Dizelis sales in our regions, as well as will allow us to increase our turnover related to Service business.”

We are very pleased and excited about the mutually beneficial partnership that is formed between our companies. The profiles of both companies compliment each other in different ways, which will result in covering more diverse business niches and will enable both companies to acquire a larger market share” said Juris Dzenis, General Director of RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG.

About DEUTZ Italy

DEUTZ Italy Srl, as a fully owned company of DEUTZ AG, the independent provider of diesel, gas and electric drivetrains in the power range up to 620 kW, delivers high-quality, environmentally friendly and efficient drives in off-highway applications in her assigned region. In addition, DEUTZ Italy offers the marine and power generation markets custom solutions by providing engineering, procurement, construction and after-sales services, based on engines and machinery manufactured by third parties on the basis of long-term commercial agreements.

To learn more about DEUTZ Italy Srl please visit: https://www.deutz.it/en/


RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Riga, Latvia with more than 70 years of experience. The core specialization is the design and manufacturing of various propulsion and power generation equipment for marine, land and defence application in line with the customer’s needs and project specifics.

To learn more about RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG, please visit: http://www.rigasdizelis.lv/