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Double Milestone for Deutz Italy: Celebrating 120 Years with Record Sales

by xBJ1R439wX

A history that began 120 years ago, a path characterized by the design and marketing of customized industrial and marine propulsion systems. DEUTZ Italy has reached an important milestone that allows it to look back on its history with pride. But eyes are firmly set on the present and future of the company and the industry in general, on new solutions and projects that aim to win the attention of the enthusiast public. In the course of the past year, 17,000 engines per year were sold, a record that was practically impossible to imagine at the beginning. Marco Colombo, Chief Executive Officer of DEUTZ, speaks about this important milestone (and more):

‘In the last four years we have made a major leap and consolidated it. The energy production and transportation sectors will grow more and more.  On the one hand, because the population continues to grow and is increasingly demanding in terms of energy. On the other hand, because transport not only promotes globalization, but also has an important political weight.’

The beginnings of DEUTZ Italy

The history of DEUTZ Italy (formerly IML Motori) began in 1904, the year of its foundation, thanks to an initiative by Giorgio Keller. The path has led to gaining a leading role in the design of industrial engines and beyond. And the plans for the future can only be of a high standard.

‘Our intention is to cover the whole range of engines, from fast to medium and all the way to slow. Fast engines are those that are usually fitted in cars, trucks, tractors and buses. The medium ones are used for boats and the like. While the slow ones are used for larger boats. We go from the industrial field to the agricultural field, to the marine field. In short, we try to vary,’ explained Colombo.

In addition to the already mentioned production of motors motors to drive machinery, there are also new solutions that have already seen the light of day:

‘Such engines can also generate energy on land: for example – recalls Colombo – the entire power plant on the island of Favignana. Even the island of Capri had a power plant entirely produced by Deutz’.

Between technology and provided services

If the reference market can no longer do without technological innovation which, in certain respects, no longer represents a secret weapon, what can make the difference is the service provided. And in this, as Colombo explains, DEUTZ Italy has a lot to say:

“The service sector generates greater profit for us. On a technological level we are not talking about a new product, but the difference is made when the engines are repaired. So we decided to invest in thrusters and mechanisms that allow us to carry out repairs on site or even replace one piston while the other seven are working.’

For this type of service it is necessary to rely on trained and competent staff, an essential point for offering quality. But this process is not always that simple:

‘The hardest skills to find are mechanical ones. We do have engineers and this is a good territory to draw from.’ – commented the CEO – ‘It’s different for a mechanic: sometimes we are forced to recruit foreign staff despite the fact that the pay is high because it can be up to 100,000 euros a year.’

Wellbeing and sustainability at DEUTZ Italy

In terms of welfare, the commitment of DEUTZ translates into a precise offer for every employee of the company, starting with:

  • A comprehensive annual health check-up;
  • The possibility of smart working and flexible working hours;
  • The offer of a birth bonus, a marriage bonus, a graduation bonus and a production bonus;
  • Life insurance.

And what about sustainability? 

In terms of environmental sustainability, however, the focus is on a concrete green commitment. Colombo recalled what the company’s next steps and goals will be:

‘In the coming years we will move towards decarbonization driven by motorization. We will be leaving fossil fuels like methanol. Our company will be able to sell production and storage services, such as mobile energy storage stations, which will be used in the countryside to charge the hybrid tractor, or the jackhammer and bulldozer on a construction site.’

The focus will no longer only be on the sale of engines, but also on energy storage and production systems. On to conquering new, potential records!