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Deutz Italy is Baudouin Moteurs Service Partner

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We are happy to confirm the official start of the partnership between DEUTZ Italy and Baudouin Moteurs, a well-known name in both the nautical and Power Generation scene. For some time, one of DEUTZ’s main objectives has been to offer an excellent assistance service and widespread spare parts supply support, taking advantage of an excellent network and relying on a number of professionals located throughout Italy.

Thanks to this agreement, the DEUTZ Italy team will be able to expand its range of services offered on an international scale. And consequently, the presence within the Aftersales & Service market in the Power Generation sector will also increase.

Who is Baudouin Moteurs

Baudouin Moteurs was founded in 1918 in the South of France and after over 100 years it’s still one of the leading companies for the production of engines for nautical use. And not only this! Baudouin Moteurs builds engines with an annual forecast, a choice that allows it to respect short delivery schedules.

In 1919 the Baudouin Moteurs workshop became popular with the local maritime trade, thanks to the great prestige that the port of Marseille had gained. Fishermen, yachtsmen, sailboat owners: Baudouin Moteurs clientele has always been very varied thanks to its production. They ranged from basic petrol engines to solutions intended to equip large boats.

Baudouin Moteurs – motore 6M26

From the post-war period to modern times

In the historical period characterized by the Second World War, maritime technology faced a very fast and surprising development. And that’s how Baudouin Moteurs found an interesting space to offer their services. Thus, the GV range (8 and 12 cylinders) was launched and consolidated Baudouin Moteurs position as one of the leading marine manufacturers in the world. Between 1950 and 1960 we witnessed the expansion of the product line, but it was what happened in the 1970s that marked an important step.

Following decades of growth, the first real economic challenges for Baudouin Moteurs arrived in this period. To differentiate itself in the reference sector, it decided to focus on engines for generator sets, producing them for some of the largest manufacturers in Europe. In the 1980s, driven by an unbridled enthusiasm, the company decided to assert its notoriety by entering offshore racing, with motorboats powered exclusively by its own engines.After a period of crisis, following the logistical transfer of the works from Marseille to Cassis in 2008, the company faced a severe crisis. The company was revived by the Weichai Power group,specialized in the design/production and sale of diesel engines in China, which purchased the company in 2009 and relaunched it.

Baudouin Moteurs – motore 8M21

Find out more about DEUTZ Italy

What these two companies have in common is a sense of strong history, market analysis, experience in the creation of marine engines and generator sets. Today, Baudouin Moteurs works on updating and launching the next generation of engines and together with DEUTZ aims to build positive changes. First of all, by increasing production capacity, but above all, by expanding its presence on the European market.
DEUTZ Italy, for its part, leverages it’s over 110 years of presence in the industry, and the activity carried out within the Italian market to support this new internationally renowned partner. The objective is always to design and market customized industrial and marine propulsion systems, accommodating technical-engineering, quality and performance requests. To date, maximum attention is paid to the service that precedes and follows a sale, thanks to the help of a network of over 30 dealers present throughout the national territory. Every consumer will therefore be able to count not only on the technical advantages of the products, but also on the support of qualified specialists.