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DEUTZ Latest Products for 2022

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Once more in 2022, DEUTZ wants to demonstrate its commitment to innovation with engines that stand out for their efficiency and versatility. The company from Lomagna wants to leave an important mark in terms of continuity and readiness to face the challenges of a recovering market.

Some of the models for this year were also shown to customers on the occasion of EIMA Bologna at the end of last year.

DEUTZ TCD 5.2 L4: a powerful engine suitable for many uses

A new product joins the Deutz engine family, the TCD 5.2. This new model takes shape from the reliable and widely tested TCD 7.8 L6, from which, by removing two cylinders, the new model of the Cologne engineer came to life. The new engine is equipped with OHV valves, which require less maintenance and are designed for specific industrial uses, unlike the competition ones which use OHC valves clearly derived from the automotive industry.

The TCD 5.2 is a 4-cylinder in-line engine , with a displacement of 5.2 litres, supercharged with common rail technology , without an EGR system. The engine will meet the requirements of EU Stage V and US EPA Tier 4 regulations with the exhaust emissions abatement system using DVERT technology (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF), both very compact. There is also a variant without ATS (EDG version) available as an option for markets which are not subject to the latest exhaust emission regulations.

deutz novita deutz 2022

Power in quantity and contained spaces

The power range of this newcomer from Deutz starts from 100 kW up to 170 kW .

The engine’s reduced dimensions represent one of its strengths, demonstrating a high-power density in a very compact application space, with the aim of satisfying the industrial machine builders’ needs.

A special attention to oil consumption and maintenance

Long oil change intervals and ease of maintenance reduce running costs and increase machine availability.

The customization

Once again, Deutz Italy can offer this new engine version to the market equipped with radiator (Powerpack); this last engine born in Deutz, will also offer various customization possibilities (air compressor, movable fan pull, climate control, etc.) like the rest of the engine range of the Cologne producer, which always has in its DNA the maximum of possible variants to offer its customers.

deutz novita deutz 2022