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DEUTZ Italy at GIS Expo 2023: Innovation, Sustainability and Customer Centricity

by xBJ1R439wX

GIS 2023 shut its doors, leaving a series of interesting considerations on its recent 9th edition. Three days of event, characterized by the presentation of important products for different sectors, but above all by the presence of a good turnout of visitors who showed interest in DEUTZ products.DEUTZ Italy, which took part at GIS for the first time, was able to present not only its top products, including the latest TCD 3.9 L4 and TCD 5.2 L4 engine models, but also the Dual+ strategy. Such strategy, adopted earlier this year, includes both the optimization of the company’s core internal combustion engine business and the development of new zero-emission products, all supported by after-sales to best serve its customers.

DEUTZ invests in the market and presents its new engine

The GIS Expo is an important point of reference for this sector in which DEUTZ has a high percentage of share in the distribution of engines. Over the last 12 months the company has invested even more in the material handling market. A decision that led to the participation at GIS in Piacenza, a great opportunity to meet not only current customers but also potential ones during 3 days of intense work.

DEUTZ presented for the first time the brand new TCD 3.9 L4 to customers and visitors, with an overhead camshaft and with a power of up to 130 kW in the size of the current 3.6 engine. The Exhaust After-Treatment system configuration is modular and there is the possibility of mounting the entire exhaust gas treatment on the engine. This factor, together with the very narrow package for having a 130 kW engine (with very high power density), is important especially for installation on telescopic handlers. The reason is simple: they need to have very low bonnets and engines to increase visibility from the cabin. 

The TCD 5.2 engine

We could not miss to present the 5.2 engine with a power up to 170 kW and which has already received many requests also in the rotary telehandler sector. We’re looking at a 4-in line cylinder engine, turbocharged with intercooler. The engine and its Exhaust After-Treatment system are optimized to ensure maximum system efficiency and minimal consumption.

A look at DEUTZ hydrogen engines

In addition to the above mentioned engines, DEUTZ Italy is reviewing all engines above 5 liters of displacement, introducing engines with a displacement of 7.7 liters, 10.7 liters, 12.8 liters and 15.6 liters, up to 18 liters, capable of delivering power up to 623 kW. 

“The new products will be introduced on the market starting from the next few years, to be all in series by 2028. The range of hydrogen engines will also derive from here with a focus from 5 to 15 liters of displacement. It will be very hard to replace engines in this power range with the full electric solutions known today, that’s why we at DEUTZ think that the zero-emission solution is hydrogen”, confirmed Roberto Pilling, Engine Sales Director of DEUTZ Italy. 
But during the 3-day event at the GIS Expo also the focus on electric mobility is an important topic.

Starting from this concept, DEUTZ has developed a complete electrical package with 80 kW peak power and 360-volt high voltage systems. This means offering a complete package to ensure functional safety to customers, especially to those who purchase different components on the market, losing coverage in terms of personal and functional safety, avoiding conflicts between different suppliers.

In addition to the complete package, DEUTZ also offers to the market the supply of its own 42 kWh batteries, as well as the development of a new generation of accumulators we are working on.

“We are focusing on market development with the aim of finding new projects both for classic internal combustion engines and for the green sector. All supported with the sale of spare parts and services, applying our Dual+ strategy”, concluded Roberto Pilling.

Even for the near future, the goals for DEUTZ Italy are innovation, product sustainability, services and customer centricity.