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Torqeedo Travel 903 Seen Through the Eyes of its Lovers

by xBJ1R439wX

Travel 903 is one of the latest and most fascinating solutions for the e-mobility market, capable of pleasing even experienced sailors ready to indulge in a boat trip.  

On the one hand, it succeeds in offering maximum efficiency when navigating, especially due to its high range. And on the other, it manages to ensure safe and silent navigation without pollution. It also allows ‘hectic’ manoeuvres, which become much more accessible and practical thanks to the stability offered by the Travel itself. The Travel is a quick solution that allows a smooth and hassle-free start, compared to sailing on larger boats with diesel inboard engines. On the whole, in fact, this electric motor can be controlled safely and precisely, thanks to a series of important updates that its parent company has provided. 

But to find out how it performs on the water, we decided to tell a special story featuring two people who have been choosing and testing the Torqeedo Travel 903 for years.

Torqeedo Travel 903 as told by the Schegk couple

Ludwig and Ingrid Schegk are a close-knit couple who enjoy spending their free time together, outdoors and (possibly) in the water. At the beginning of their story, some good-timers had told them that couples who sail together end up divorcing. But this was not the case!

It all started 20 years ago when the couple, both university lecturers, decided to find the right hobby that would give them great balance in contact with nature. Ludwig and Ingrid like to move around on their motor boat, where they can experience a lot of excitement while keeping tension at bay. 

Making their every journey and emotion relaxing is the small Torqeedo Travel 903 electric outboard that allows them to push their boat wherever they wish. Like the time they sailed from Sardinia to Corsica, for a nine-hour journey, full of adventure and stressful situations!

On board: the sails and electric motor are prepared for yet another voyage.

Their first vehicle, however, was a blue sailboat, the Chappy MacFletcher purchased in 2012, which is moored in the Bernried marina on Lake Starnberg near Munich. It was a second-hand boat with a two-stroke outboard engine, which they avoided using. Their wish was to remove all forms of stress: from fuel problems to exhaust gases via oil and engine starting problems. 

They used to paddle out of the harbour, just to avoid any kind of problem, until the idea came. A number of sailors from the area showed up near them, moving silently and safely thanks to their electric motors, used to sail and dock. And since then things have changed.

Balance (of the couple) in the water 

The Schegk couple now regularly travel around Lake Starnberg with the brand new Torqeedo Travel 903, which represents efficiency and autonomy for them. What greatly surprised the couple was the ability to remove the on-board battery in seconds and then recharge it at home. 

For 10 years they have been using their Torqeedo engine to set sail and moor, in order to enjoy their boat freely even when there was no wind, especially to move in the total absence of noise. An important detail for them as they often found themselves travelling for 5-6 hours with an inboard diesel engine. And in that case the noise was a real obstacle for them, along with the smell of exhaust fumes.

The Travel 903 engine can be stored in a few simple steps.

For an increasingly electric future

It’s out of doubt that the wish of many yachtsmen is that electric motors become more and more common, even for larger yachts. For the time being, one thing is certain: given the excellent response, the couple will bring their Travel on their next trip to rely on a tool that has become indispensable to them. Also in terms of maintenance, as Ludwig pointed out. 

Torqeedo has been able to make major updates and changes with the Travel series and the new 903, as witnessed by the first-hand experience of this very normal couple. But it’s not the first, and certainly will not be the last to appreciate its qualities.