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Meet the New Generation of Torqeedo Travel Electric Outboards

by xBJ1R439wX

Torqeedo’s Travel engine has been taken to the next level. In fact, the latest innovative range was unveiled, thus launching the industry leader’s new generation of electric outboards.

The famous engine, which has been the first choice of thousands of boaters for years, has been upgraded in terms of efficiency, useful technology and design. To date there are more than 100 thousand sold engines, but the real curiosity is to find out how much this value will increase after the improvements made by the Torqeedo group.

A new chapter opens with the new generation of Travel engines, premiered at METSTRADE and available from early 2024. But in the meantime, the first awards are already arriving: the nomination for the prestigious DAME Design Award has arrived.

Redefining an industry engine/icon: here’s the next generation Travel

As Fabian Bez, CEO of Torqeedo, explained, for years Travel has been the market benchmark. And this new generation is ready to revolutionize an environment that Travel itself had already been able to surprise.

The new range will offer a large amount of marine applications, as well as adding many user-centered features. It will be possible to fully customize the experience of boaters so as to accommodate each person’s travel needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the new generation of Travel electric outboards:

  • Modular, flexible and customizable design to take a step toward boaters and open up to a wide range of applications
  • 4 different packages to choose from: Adventure, Essential, Range and Power
  • Powerful 1,600 W drive Travel XP motor, a new symbol of power with electric propulsion

More information on the 4 available packages

A closer look at the new Travel outboards.

We talked about the 4 Travel packages that each client can choose from. Let’s find out more about them:

  • Adventure: This is a package that combines a 1,100W travel battery and a 1,080Wh battery. It features an innovative mounting and steering system, ideal for allowing kayak fishermen to move quickly and stealthily in their “secret” spots
  • Essential: it is an original solution, which combines an ultra-efficient 1,100 W outboard motor with a 1,080 Wh battery
  • Range: it replaces a larger capacity battery (1,425 Wh) and is ideal for spending entire days on the water, going further and further offshore
  • Power: it is ideal for powering larger boats or those that usually sail in windy conditions and rough seas. The motor is robust, with 1,600W direct drive and a 1,425Wh battery. It should be noted that the Travel XP, the beating heart of the Power Package, has been nominated for the prestigious DAME Design Award (DAME)

When a consumer chooses a package, they will be able to select a multitude of charging, propeller and accessory options to create their own transportation means on the water.

Intuitive and easy to use accessories

Not only is the outboard extremely easy to transport, use and store, but the matching click-and-play battery also allows for immediate use without having to worry about connecting cables. In fact, you may simply remove the battery and move the compact motor where you prefer. Furthermore, a 180 W charger is already included, which allows charging times to be cut in half. 

A backlit display could not be missing, useful for always having autonomy under control in real time thanks to the integrated GPS, and Torqeedo’s advanced TorqLink communication protocol. Finally, owners will be able to connect with the new TorqView smartphone app, using each digital tool effectively.

An unparalleled user experience

First images of the Travel XP.

All eyes are on the Travel XP of the Power package, ideal for boats equipped with a rudder or steering wheel. It can be ordered as a remote model with everything needed for connection. Furthermore, there is also an optional remote kit to convert a Travel with tiller rudder

For this and every other package in the new Travel generation, the entire user experience is enhanced in every respect, including by its connection. With 18 years of experience behind it, Torqeedo has worked to build the world’s best electric drive systems, offering solutions that are increasingly environmentally friendly and clean.

The goal is not only to reshape and refine its catalog, but to take a fundamental step toward the future of electric boating.