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The 2023 Genoa Boat Show Kicks Off: Torqeedo by Deutz Group on Show with Electromobility

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The Genoa International Boat Show is one of the largest trade fairs in Europe and every year it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, offering a close look at a vast range of nautical products and services, with great attention to boats, accessories, engines, technology, support services and much more. But there is also no shortage of recreational activities ranging from regattas to water demonstrations, with seminars, workshops and conferences.

The time has come to cast off the moorings: the event is about to begin!

From September 21 to 26, 2023, the curtain will open to provide visitors with all the latest news on boating. And if we talk about the great leaders in the sector, Torqeedo from the DEUTZ group certainly cannot be missing, which will be located at stand TD 1 9 at Tech Trade – Upper Pavilion B  . Let’s see which engines will be presented during these 6 days of the event in the relevant pavilion.

Torqeedo engines present at the Show

Hybrid and electric propulsion will be the center of attention for visitors to the Show, where there will be no shortage of engines, electronic components and accessories, but also services. Specifically, Torqeedo will present the following engines:

Cruise 6

An electric outboard for motor and sailing boats up to 6 tons: the Cruise 6 is one of the cornerstones of the Torqeedo catalogue, the perfect symbol to support the company’s slogan which reads “Time for a change”. It boasts maximum robustness and corrosion protection, has an input power of 6,000 W (equal to a 9.9 HP petrol outboard for comparison) and features an integrated on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation.

The display allows to access easily the input speed and power, the state of charge and the remaining range. It has a compact, lightweight pylon and an advanced design.

It also allows compatibility with third-party batteries (48 Volt), if careful adaptation to the engine power requirements is ensured.

Travel 1103

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“Proven, practical, powerful”: Torqeedo states it and its engines such as the Travel 1103 confirm it. This is a flagship engine for the Travel series, with a direct drive motor design, supplied with 915Wh battery, offering a 73% increase in capacity compared to the base model. The structure is made of aluminum for greater protection from impact damage and features an integrated battery with extraordinary efficiency. Its on-board computer based on GPS allows to detect range level and can also be recharged while traveling using solar energy.

Deep Blue Inboard

We are faced with the first and only mass-produced high-power electric drive system for motorboats, capable of ensuring exceptional performance, high safety standards and ease of use.

As a fully integrated propulsion and energy management system, the Deep Blue Inboard can be customized with modular components. It will be possible to choose between 25 kW and 100 kW in the slow version for displacement boats and the fast version for planing boats.

Deep Blue Saildrive

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Torqeedo electric saildrives range from the 25 SD model, ideal up to 40 feet in length and with a speed up to almost 10 knots (18 km/h), but also for smaller boats. It allows sailing without emissions, noise, or vibrations.

The Deep Blue 50 SD model offers, as you can easily imagine, the same performance, but doubled! This saildrive has a complete and integrated system, developed using industrial engineering methods, which relies on high-tech components and is mass-produced.

Cruise 6RL

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The Cruise 6 RL is an electric outboard designed for motor and sailing boats up to 6 tons, with integrated GPS, on-board computer and display to signal the speed and input power, but also for checking the charging status and range.

It is also equipped with Torqeedo’s advanced communication system, the TorqLink, which provides data more quickly and accurately than its components such as the battery and accelerators (which must be purchased separately).

Travel 603 (with test in water)

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Last but not least is Travel 603, which will also be possible to test in water. It presents the qualities of the Travel 1103 motor, available in a lighter and more convenient version: this is how the 603 was born, a clean and high-performance electric outboard that makes boating pleasant and carefree.

Torqeedo and DEUTZ, a key meeting

Torqeedo and DEUTZ , both engaged in the production of marine engines with hybrid propulsion systems and fully electric propulsion systems, crossed paths in 2017. In that year Torqeedo joined the DEUTZ group with one common goal: create high-tech and innovative nautical engines and accessories.And between one project and another, in addition to following the development and production processes, DEUTZ also takes care of the distribution and assistance for professional applications.