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Protecting the Oceans: the ‘Anti-Plastic’ Project by Ocean Bottle and Torqeedo

by xBJ1R439wX

Respecting water to respect the environment surrounding us. An important message that has been relaunched by the collaboration between Ocean Bottle and Torqeedo to reduce plastic pollution in the sea

Behind the idea of the project, launched a year ago, lies an ongoing battle that calls for a real community ready to protect our oceans. A battle that deserves to be remembered again. And again!

Reusable Ocean Bottles

Ocean Bottle is a B-Corp certified company that has set itself an important mission: to protect the ocean from pollution-related damage caused by plastic waste. The company’s project enables the realisation of concrete objectives with great impact. Just think that through the sale of each reusable Ocean Bottle, more than 11 kg of plastic can be collected worldwide. We are talking about 1,000 plastic bottles that were barbarously thrown into the ocean. 

Ocean Bottle produces different bottle models to raise consumer awareness of the issue, ensuring a product with simple, yet practical features.   

The launch of this brand took place in 2019 and resulted in the collection of over 9 million kg of plastic.

Torqeedo’s entry into the Ocean Bottle project

The reusable Ocean Bottle model.

Knowing first-hand the importance of environmental protection and, specifically, the protection of the oceans, Torqeedo could hardly stand idly by. And so, the market leader for electric mobility on water chose to focus on this brand during its participation in the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

“Every visitor to the Torqeedo booth will receive a sustainably produced water bottle, an action that will prevent more than 1.2 million plastic bottles from entering our oceans,” explained Fabian Bez, CEO of Torqeedo GmbH.

Through its innovative solutions, Torqeedo has repeatedly shown how much it cares about protecting the natural and human environment. It does so through the electric motors it produces and sells, and now it does so by sending a clear message to prevent the situation from getting worse. In fact, it is estimated that without a net change, plastic in the ocean could weigh more than fish by 2050.

The concept ‘Nothing but Water. Nothing but Nature”

The concept that Torqeedo brought to Cannes and continues to uphold through its work is a minimalist message that focuses on the substance of its actions. The chosen message refers to the immersive experience of boating electric, an important piece in supporting Ocean Bottle in the battle that should belong to everyone. A battle that also involved the French brand LiLLii-Water, which donated part of the proceeds generated through the sale of water to SOS Corail. This has made it possible to start a project to protect coral reefs, seaweed and mangroves. 

“In Cannes we encouraged our visitors to reconnect with the environment and with each other: when they visit our booth, when they refill their Ocean Bottle, and every time they boat electric,” Bez recalled.

The reusable Ocean Bottles customized with the Torqeedo logo for the Cannes Yachting Festival. 

During the event, visitors were able to discover, among many other innovations, THE ICON, a new category of luxury electric jet skis developed by BMW and TYDE and equipped by Torqeedo

THE ICON is powered by the innovative Deep Blue system to ensure almost completely silent sailing, free of any unpleasant vibrations in the waves. With Deep Blue 100i it’s possible to convert the energy content of six Deep Blue 40 batteries (240 kWh total) into a range of more than 50 nautical miles, or 100 kilometres, for a speed of 24 knots (top speed at 30 knots, 55 km/h). 

Three different entities, three companies that are united by the same goal: preserving the environment and living it responsibly.