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DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions – Smart Choices for your Engine

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Choosing to buy a DEUTZ engine means relying on a leading brand in the design and production of work machinery. DEUTZ engines always boast excellent performance and very low operating costs. But DEUTZ is not only engine production, it’s also an assistance service that covers the entire life cycle of the appliance. Lifecycle Solutions is a program that allows our engines’ customers to manage normal maintenance, repairs, and replacements, clearly and rapidly, with effective solutions and set times.

DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions

DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions and individual repair products were presented on March 1, 2021, especially the new engine replacement solutions. DEUTZ thus offers its customers a modular system with various options for maintenance and repair work. With the DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions repair options, as well as the lifetime warranty on spare parts and different alternatives regarding particle filters, DEUTZ offers a complete and convenient package. The result is the optimization of engine life cycle costs in every situation. All this, with the quality of DEUTZ products.

DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions in detail

Over time, and the performed working hours, each engine amortizes the initial investment costs, but at the same time, obviously, it loses value and, case by case, the economic efficiency of any maintenance expense should always be evaluated with the utmost accuracy. DEUTZ, meeting its customers’ needs, offers various solutions to find the best option to proceed with the restart of the temporarily faulty engine. From the customized repair kit and the complete overhaul, up to the complete engine replacement, tailor-made solutions available from all DEUTZ service partners guarantee DEUTZ customers an even faster and more useful service.

The 5 procedures provided by DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions

There are 5 procedures provided by DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions:

  • Repair kits
  • Xchange Short- & Longblocks
  • Xchange engines
  • Replacement engines
  • Repower engines

Each of these solutions responds to different needs, to satisfy our customers in case of repairs, replacement of the engine block, up to the change of the entire engine, whether overhauled or new. All our options have a great level of customization with very competitive prices.

The table below gives an initial summary of the 5 supply entities concerning the DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions options.

Let’s see the 5 service variants in detail.

1 – Repair kits

Should it be necessary to repair the engine, DEUTZ offers a series of predefined packages that cover most of the common faults which may arise. These packages are immediately available for shipment, to have all the necessary spare parts in a very short time, without having to order them from multiple sources.

If among the standard packages not all the necessary pieces are available, there is a very wide choice to freely select from, always at an affordable price.Spare parts are 100% DEUTZ original and are covered by a 12-month standard warranty, or from 5 years up to 5,000 working hours following the indications of the Life Time Warranty program.

2 – Xchange Short- / Longblock

Then, there are cases in which there is the need to proceed with operations that do not fall within the standard repair methods and with the replacement of substantial parts, such as the engine block for example, is needed. In this case, it’s possible to purchase an engine block, with the relative assembled internal parts (e.g., pistons / connecting rods), overhauled at an affordable price, having the possibility of also requesting the head and cylinders, if necessary. The requested components will be available within 3 working days and will be shipped as quickly as possible. This type of engine parts is available for most models.

The warranty is 12 months and largely similar to that relating to original DEUTZ spare parts.

3 – Xchange engines

There are also situations where the repair of the engine can take too long, and the related downtime ends up causing huge economic damage. To overcome these difficult situations, DEUTZ offers, for any type of engine, the possibility of replacing the entire engine with a completely overhauled, lightened one. Xchange motors should be considered new in terms of functionality and general reliability. The availability time of overhauled engines varies, in any case its within 2 to 11 working days. The warranty is the same as for new engines, i.e., 24 months. The available revised engines are those with emission level stage 1 to stage 5 with new serial number, but without exhaust after-treatment system (EAT). In the case of phase 0 engines, only reconditioned engines with the same serial number are available.

4 – Replacement engines

If, on the other hand, you opt for replacement with a new engine, the delivery times can be considerably short as immediate availability from the DEUTZ sales network, including the emission compliance certificate, is frequently possible. The warranty is 24 months, as the standard one for new engines. Stage IIA up to V emission level engines are available, engine nameplate replacement is performed, and exhaust after-treatment (EAT) system, if required, can be purchased separately.

5 – Repower engines

Finally, it’s possible that the requested DEUTZ engine is no longer available or that the customer requests to fit a DEUTZ product on an application where an engine of another brand is installed. This type of engine installation is usually totally customized. The engines available for this type of application have emission levels ranging from stage IIIA up to V.

The exhaust gas after-treatment (EAT) system for engines from stage IIIB onwards is supplied with the engine.

The general characteristics of the DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions program are summarized in the following table:

Other information also regarding the geographical availability of the various solutions, including the source of origin are indicated in the following table.

DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions programme benefits

The DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions program therefore allows to have important benefits, such as:

  • Use of original and guaranteed spare parts
  • Access to complete product documentation
  • Unique product identification and nameplate replacement (if necessary), to confirm emissions compliance
  • Certificate of conformity issue for each single engine
  • Maximum respect for the environment

We would also like to remind that, since the beginning of 2021, DEUTZ has been offering a special lifetime warranty on spare parts: if customers have their engines repaired with original DEUTZ spare parts at a certified DEUTZ partner, they receive a warranty certificate for five years or up to 5,000 engine working hours on these repairs. The only condition is that the engine is registered online on the DEUTZ service portal.

EU regulation concerning emissions from replacement engines

One of the crucial elements regarding the replacement of an engine concerns the certification of the emission level. We would like to remind that according to EU Regulation 2016 / 1628 for spare engines we mean those mounted on non-road moving machines. Replacement with spare engines is permitted only if the latter has a similar or analogous level of emissions to the one to be replaced. Furthermore, the replacement engine must bear a special mark that identifies it as such. Finally, each replacement engine must be accompanied by a declaration of conformity.

All the specific information on the emission levels of the various engine types may be found in the following tables.