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Torqeedo for Beneteau: the Birth of Two New Electric Sailing Yachts

by xBJ1R439wX

Not just one, but two new electric sailboats from Beneteau, the popular French shipyard, are ready to sail. Their peculiarity is that of being equipped with a Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 FP engine, which will transversely enhance both boats. This news was confirmed at the Salon Nautic de Paris, which hosted the very first of the two electric sailing yachts. The models are the Oceanis 30.1 and the First 44, created to continue with the sustainability strategy that characterizes the Beneteau Group.

The power and benefits of Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 FP

This electric motor is ideal for sailboats, and comes integrated with GPS and a powerful on-board computer with display. It’s a 48 Volt, 9.9 horsepower equivalent pod drive complete with the advanced communications system from Torqeedo. This way, data can be exchanged and shared more quickly and securely. Among its advantages we find:

  • TorqLink accelerators with color display or side-mount accelerator
  • 6,000W input power, equivalent to a 9.9HP petrol sail drive
  • excellent for combination with Power 48-5000 for improved performance and good efficiency in terms of autonomy
  • the batteries charge while underway using the standard fixed or folding propeller
  • constructed with quality, long-lasting aluminum that is seawater resistant
  • small and light
  • compatible with third-party batteries (48 Volt), meeting the power requirements of the engine

Beneteau’s two new yachts

The two vessels, as explained by the CEO of the Nautical Division of the Beneteau Group, Gianguido Girotti, want to focus on eco-compatibility and on the reduction of carbon emissions.

“On the product development side, we are currently focused on reducing the environmental impact in two key areas: composite materials and propulsion systems,” explained Girotti.

Voilier Océanis 30.1,shooting Groupe Bénéteau en Finlande

The Beneteau First 44

The hull wants to fully respect the challenges launched by the group: in fact, it has a Torqeedo Cruise Pod transmission system which is emission-free, and above all, which was made with the USP of recyclable resin.

It is no coincidence that the First 44 itself was honored with an important award, the Boat Builder Award for environmental improvement in the production process, as it was able to integrate recyclable resins and materials of organic origin.

The Oceanis 30.1

How is the other boat equipped instead? Also in this case, the equipment with a Torqeedo Cruise 6.0 FP is not missing. But that’s not all. There are also two distinct battery pack options: the Power 24-3500 and the 48-5000. They are both very compact solutions, which will allow not to take up too much space in the boat.

Torqeedo’s final word

Fabian Bez, CEO of Torqeedo, commented the direct collaboration with the French company of Groupe Beneteau, describing this partnership with decidedly positive comments:

“The partnership between Groupe Beneteau and Torqeedo continues to bring exciting new vessels to the marine market, expanding the opportunities for boaters to go 100% emission-free.”

It should be remembered that this collaboration has already left its mark thanks to two other Groupe Beneteau brands: Excess and Delphia. Let’s think of the first hybrid-electric test sanctioned with the Excess 15 which was born with the power supply of Torqeedo’s Deep Blue sail drive, as well as 2 other models of the brand, which are the Delphia 10 and 11.

Delphia 11 powered by a Deep Blue Drive System. Credit: Phil Manizan

Delphia, as explained by its director Martin Schemkes, works to rewrite the cruising experience, making everything easier also thanks to the concept of “aware cruising” made possible through the collaboration with Torqeedo.