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Ten Million DEUTZ Engines

by khSFX7dhpm

The numbers of a company tell much more than many words, because they express indisputable facts, especially for a long-lived company like DEUTZ. Some data explain how over the course of more than a century this name has brought technology and skills incomparably to the world.

An extraordinary number of engines 

When 10 million engines production was reached in the plant, on the afternoon of November 12, an extraordinary chapter of a success story was once again written. To make the event even more significant is that the engine in question is an absolutely cutting-edge product, with top-level technological solutions.

The advent of the four-stroke engine era

When Nikolaus August Otto, the founder of today’s DEUTZ AG, patented the first four-stroke internal combustion engine in 1876, it was not easy to imagine that this would lead to the production of ten million units in the company’s history by 2021. In fact, we must remember that DEUTZ is the oldest engine factory, being the first to produce a four-stroke engine.

A continuous innovation up to the hydrogen engine

In this very long period, DEUTZ has followed a technological progress in the field of engines by constantly interpreting all the innovations in the best possible way. Diesel electric and also hydrogen units are part of its experience and production baggage. In fact, it’s not a case that the engine which has made it possible to reach this impressive number is the TCG 7.8 H2 model, a six-cylinder four-stroke engine, but fueled by hydrogen. A new frontier for zero emission engines.

In the words of the CEO

Mr. Frank Hiller, CEO of DEUTZ AG commented on this event with the following words: “The ten millionth engine represents a milestone in our long and successful history and we are very proud to mark this achievement. Whether diesel, electric, or hydrogen, we are reinventing the engine every day. We build the world’s cleanest and most efficient engines for our customers. After all, we can only achieve the Paris climate targets by working together.”

Messages from the authorities

At the same time, there was no lack of congratulatory messages from regional and national authorities for a brand such as DEUTZ, a company of global importance. In this regard, we point out the intervention of Ina Brandes, Minister of Transport of the federal state of North Rhine- Westphalia: “For more than 150 years, DEUTZ AG has been building engine technologies that power machinery and vehicles in almost every corner of the world. DEUTZ is maintaining and building on the traditions of its founder Nicolaus August Otto by developing and manufacturing low-emission hybrid, fuel cell, and e-fuel engines. The Company’s pioneering spirit and engineering skills are now driving innovation in Cologne that is contributing to better and ever-cleaner mobility. Congratulations on your ten millionth engine, and I wish you all the best for the future.” In fact, these words highlight the company’s effort to create a mobility system with the minimum level of emissions, and the city of Cologne is a clear example of this.

A high-tech hydrogen engine

Engine number ten million is a new product that represents a decisive generational leap. The TCG 7.8 H2 is the first hydrogen engine made by DEUTZ and presented a few months ago. Mass production in large volumes is planned for 2024. A truly strategic partnership was used to create this engine. The fuel cell manufacturer Blue World Technologies allows DEUTZ to be at the forefront of the development of engines with zero emission levels.

Continuous research into reducing emissions

This is a process that began in 2017 with the creation of the first electrically powered motors. In fact, the company has recently approved a series of engines that comply with EU Stage V, the highest level of existing emission control, with the use of alternative fuels.