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Torqeedo’s Deep Blue at Cannes Yachting Festival for the First Time

by xBJ1R439wX

Those attending this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival may closely observe Torqeedo ‘s Deep Blue 100 kW, on display for the first time during the event. This edition will focus precisely on different models of electric and hybrid boats, as well as delving into the theme of engines. The company’s role is central in this historical period, especially with regards to electric mobility on water, just as explained by Senior Vice President of Sales Tommi Salonen: “Cannes is the perfect venue for exploring the available options, whether you’re purchasing a new boat or considering a refit”.
In its dedicated space, at PALAIS046, Torqeedo’s products will be exhibited in full. However, a particular area of the stand will be reserved for the Deep Blue 50 sail drive and engines for cruisers, work boats, tenders, dinghies and daysailers.

Torqeedo’s products in detail

Then, what will it be shown in Cannes within the vast range of Torqeedo products? First of all, the 100 kW Deep Blue inboard engine, which has already attracted a lot of attention, and which is available at 2,700 rpm or 900 rpm.

The Deep Blue 100i 900, designed to be applied on yachts up to 120 feet in length, displacement boats and commercial vessels, will also be present. This engine is very robust and has a direct drive that leverages the low rotation speeds (900 rpm), useful for delivering efficiency in the feeding phase of displacement hulls with a torque of 1060 Nm.

The Deep Blue 100 kW inboard drive is available at either 2,700 rpm or 900 rpm

We then move on to the Deep Blue100i 2500, whose main feature is linked to its silent work while remaining so performing. It is ideal for powering fast planing motorboats, enabling a truly exciting acceleration. In fact, in addition to an excellent design, it offers extraordinary performance throughout its power range, up to 2,700 rpm and a torque of 424 Nm.

Collaboration between Frauscher Boats and Torqeedo

The Frauscher Mirage 740 Air with Deep Blue System. Credits: Christian Brecheis

Deep Blue 100i is the engine behind the Mirage 740 Air by Frauscher Boats, a zero-emission day-cruiser that will make its debut on French soil. The boat is almost 8 meters long and features an elegant central console, but what is surprising is its versatility in becoming a fascinating lounge space.

There are 2 options for the engine and the battery, which allow it to reach a maximum range of 110 km at cruising speed. This means that a full day at sea will be possible without any kind of refueling worries.

The Mirage 740 Air will also be displayed during the French Festival, for any type of detail and additional information on the components to be asked.

Other Torqeedo engines on display in Cannes

Considering the big event that awaits us in Cannes, we cannot fail to mention the presence of the trimaran Orphie 29, a very efficient product with ample space for guests who get on board. Since its design, it was developed with the goal of 100% Deep Blue electric propulsion, which allows it to deliver a comfortable cruising speed of 8-12 knots. And thanks to the possibility of reaching 17-20 knots in a very short time, it is a safe boat even in rough seas.
It’s then the turn of the solar-powered motor yachts by Whisper-Yachts, which combine autonomy and high-level performance with extra-luxury design. In this case, the development of the different models, signed by the renowned Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design studio, made it possible to choose a Torqeedo propulsion. This model will also be on display at the Cannes stands.

Nimbus Boats model with Deep Blue 50i

To power its 305 Drophead, Nimbus Boats chose Deep Blue 50i in support of a vessel that is fully electric. This weekend cruiser, which will be on the stands in Cannes, has a length of 10 meters and features Nimbus’ ultra-efficient Smart Speed hull and a pure design.

A real gem that deserves to be admired for its beauty and functionality, as highlighted by the manufacturer brand.