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Torqeedo Lands at Düsseldorf International Boat Show 2023

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Visitors to the Düsseldorf International Boat Show 2023 will be able to admire the innovative beauties proposed by Torqeedo. The global market leader for marine electric drives will be exhibiting its marine systems and emission-free products at the German event.

“We pioneered the market. We created the original. Together with our customers, we take the lead into the future.”.

As underlined with increasing insistence in recent months, the marine industry has made a major shift towards sustainability. Torqeedo is one of the pillars for the production of transport solutions that are original and electric. It’s no coincidence that it has recently collaborated with the largest and most renowned shipping companies to support and spread the concept of “electric boating”.

Torqeedo in Düsseldorf with an eye to tomorrow

The goal is clear: the evolution of the company will be on show at Torqeedo stand (hall 10) of the Düsseldorf International Boat Show. From its historic moments as a pioneer of the sector, up to his role as a leader. It goes without saying that models such as Torqeedo Travel, Cruise and Deep Blue have become the symbol of technological transformation. They are products rich in advantages and above all capable of granting maximum responsibility towards the environment that surrounds us.
“We will build on the pioneering spirit which created those industry-changing products and systems to shape the future. The future is today and the future is orange,” says Fabian Bez , CEO of Torqeedo.

New yachts with Torqeedo systems ready for world premiere

There are several new yachts that will be presented. Among others, Contest 49CS and Contest 50CS can be found. The former has an aft cockpit and the latter a center cockpit; both are the first to feature Torqeedo’s all-electric propulsion system.

Saffier Yachts will also be present, which will show a preview of a solar-powered daysailer: also in this case its modern design is combined with a Torqeedo Cruise 3.0 pod drive system.

The 24-foot (8 m) yacht is equipped with Cruise 3.0 pod propulsion system. Credits: Saffier Yachts

BENETEAU First 44 will also be present: a boat developed with a holistic vision, which includes the Torqeedo Cruise pod transmission system, built with recyclable resin. And we also mention the presence of the innovative 740 Mirage Air in the Frauscher Boats pavilion. A motorboat with an electric motor, indeed with the most powerful Torqeedo engine: we are talking about the Deep Blue 100i.

The Frauscher 740 Mirage Air, is an all-electric speedboat with Torqeedo’s most powerful electric drive, the Deep Blue 100i. Credits: Christian Brecheis

For those who love cruising navigation, following a route made of lakes, coastal waterways, and canals, we cannot fail to mention the presence of the 100% electric DELPHIA 10 Loungetop. For this vehicle, the Deep Blue 50i drive system was chosen, with a range of over 100 km at cruising speed. A real innovative and modern touch to guarantee zero emissions.

The cozy DELPHIA 10 is suitable for cruises through lakes, canals and coastal waters. Credits: Groupe Beneteau

The innovations in terms of interactivity

For some time now, the concept of electric mobility on water has become increasingly complete and complex. The evolution is sudden and Torqeedo has found its perfect space here, introducing interactive activities that complement different devices and tools. Bez himself explained that the company’s priority is to work towards an emission-free future:

“It’s never been more important to keep our customers at the center of our development as we transform how we spend time on the water.”

This transformation can be admired precisely in Germany, pushing on the attempt to remove barriers, encourage innovation and educate boaters with respect to the new concept of mobility. Among the central topics of the event, we may find electrification, charging infrastructure, material development, climate impact and ecological production methods and recycling.

The appointment is therefore not to be missed. The entire range of products for electric boating, with a careful look at Torqeedo ‘s proposals, will be present at pavilion 10/B22.