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Joylife and the “Houseboat” with Torqeedo Cruise Engine

by xBJ1R439wX

The Joylife Boats houseboat project came to life starting from spring 2022, and their navigation along the German rivers of the Saar and Moselle, was possible thanks to Torqeedo Cruise engines.

The houseboat is a fully electric vessel, silent and easy to handle, perfect for enjoying piristine nature without any distractions. Getting on board means being able to make a complete journey into the heart of nature, enjoying the surrounding beauty, with all the comforts of a small home.

And that’s why the response from the public has been so positive!

The beginning of a journey that supports e-mobility

In a historical period of great environmental awareness, more and more people are rediscovering the pleasure of luxury and relaxing holidays with zero emissions. And this is why Joylife Boats houseboats are destined to be increasingly successful.

Unspoiled nature and high-quality materials: The houseboats were designed by architects and only products from market leaders like Torqeedo were used for the interior. Credits: Joylife Boats

The adventure started from the city of Mettlach on the Saar, the departure port of the fleets: from the houseboats it’s possible to admire the beauty of a medieval reality, with steep cliffs and lush vineyards. A tourist destination that has so much to offer in terms of landscape and attractions. Each houseboat is equipped with a kitchen, washing machine, a wine cellar and a sleeping area. The houseboat has a height of 2.40 meters, large windows, a sun terrace on the upper deck and can accommodate up to four people. A real urban loft for a total of 54 sqm. And what to say about the structure?

The manufacturer started from the desire to independently cover important distances, especially in the event that no energy supply from the mainland is available. In addition to introducing a generator, there are solar panels on board that feed the batteries (2.5 kW peak power). Finally, also a self-sufficient water treatment system that lasts two weeks of navigation is present. An optimal period of time to enjoy an ecological and fun journey on several levels.

The houseboat characteristics

The houseboat’s helm with the Torqeedo throttle and tablet computer: intuitive and user-friendly, even for guests without a boating license. Credits: Joylife Boats

This means of transport was designed by architects who took care of its aesthetic appearance, without renouncing the best products chosen to maximize its functionality. That’s why Torqeedo’s accessories were also used:

“As the market leader in maritime electromobility, Torqeedo was naturally the first port of call,” explains Matthias Schmitt, the co-managing director at Delphin Tec, the company that builds and rents out the houseboats.

Torqeedo’s presence is noticeable: starting from the helm, with Torqeedo’s accelerator and on-board computer. The system operation is easy and intuitive, practical to use even by those with less experience in navigation. Furthermore, Torqeedo’s electric drive system helps ensure that guests focus on just one thing: all-round relaxation.

The Delphin Tec group also offers its customers a complete briefing and a test drive to become confident with the vessel while underway.

The Torqeedo engine

This houseboat can travel autonomously for up to two weeks thanks to solar panels and a water treatment system. Credits: Joylife Boats

What surprised Delphin Tec’s customers is the silent sailing aboard the houseboats, which are powered by a Cruise 12.0 outboard. Its maximum power is 12 kW, considered optimal for this type of vessel. After all, Torqeedo engineers and the Delphin Tec team worked hand in hand throughout the development process to take advantage of recorded data (such as weight and dimensions).

Various navigation tests plus two complete trips were performed in order to obtain all the details regarding the electric traction of the engine. What emerged after the test drive is its great maneuverability and the impressive acceleration of the electric motor.

The Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 reaches a top speed of 11 km/h in calm water. Credits: Joylife Boats

A real innovation for the future

Delphin Tec has been involved for decades in the construction of work boats, moorings and floating bridges, and for this reason it knows it has staked everything on a truly innovative vessel. Also for this reason it wanted to fight to convince the municipal authorities of Mettlach to install charging stations in the ports and on the docks, despite knowing that this is a very important investment, especially for small communities.

The Joylife creators consider this type of project as a real innovation for the future as well as a tourist attraction.

The aim is to make communities aware of the enormous tourist potential of certain areas, especially if explored with emission-free boats. The future of the market, in fact, is clearly increasingly sustainable, especially for the wishes of travelers.