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Torqeedo Changes “Direction”: Fabian Bez new CEO and Heiko Vietmeier new CFO

by xBJ1R439wX

The change is radical in the upper floors of Torqeedo: the company has decided to change its “direction”, not only in a practical sense, but above all at a structural level. And so, the market leader for marine electric drives has set a four-of-a-kind aces in recent months. The first new name is that of Fabian Bez, who has become the new CEO of the company since October 2022. The second name is that of Heiko Vietmeier who will be able to support Bez as CFO.

In this way, a new management team is officially formed which will take the place of two other prestigious professionals. One is Dr. Markus Müller, who was Technical Director and Sales Manager of Torqeedo ‘s parent company, DEUTZ AG. The other is Dr. Alf Harkort, who served as interim CEO for the firm, in the executive search stage.

The skills of the two new managers

To get to know the two new people at Torqeedo better, it’s important to browse their profiles and discover the past experience of these two professional figures.

Who is Fabian Bez?

Fabian Bez, the new CEO at Torqeedo. Credits: Brecheis

Mr. Fabian Bez has plenty of experience in strategic business development under his belt, as E-solutions and services Vice President at Webasto SE, where he was also in charge for the construction of the electrification and battery production areas. Later, he was CEO of Webasto Thermo and Comfort SE, without forgetting his interlude as business manager of end customers and the leisure and nautical segments.

In recent years, before joining Torqeedo, he was an independent management consultant in the field of alternative transmissions and renewable energies. As known, the latter are two key themes for Torqeedo ‘s strategy.

Bez, accepting the new position, explained: “There couldn’t be a better time to join Torqeedo. I am looking forward to further developing this fast-growing company as we build the emission-free future of the marine industry.”

Heiko Vietmeier’s profile

Heiko Vietmeier, the new CFO at Torqeedo. Credits: Brecheis

Heiko Vietmeier has, in turn, a respectable experience from a professional point of view. He was CFO for Defontaine Group in France, a world-renowned company producing basic bearings for wind turbines, transportation, forestry, machine tools, marine and medical applications.

His education and experience come from his BA in Economics, Accounting and Management from RWTH Aachen University. He also has a master’s degree in international economics from the Toulouse Business School and is a chartered accountant.

The first words after the formalization

Markus Müller had the task of welcoming the two new figures to the DEUTZ board of directors, celebrating for the new Torqeedo management team:

“We are confident they will leverage their extensive leadership experience to drive Torqeedo forward sustainably,” he explained.

For his part, Müller also dedicated special thanks to Alf Harkort, recalling his tremendous successes during the transition, and wishing him the best in his upcoming endeavors and future projects.