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Golden Arrow Marine and Torqeedo: the Partnership Continues to Grow in the United Kingdom

by xBJ1R439wX

Golden Arrow Marine is the largest Torqeedo reseller in the UK and this partnership is ready to promote the distribution of low voltage products into the UK market. In particular, 3 models stand out at the moment: Ultralight, Travel and Cruise. 

The goal of Golden Arrow Marine, which has been working as a sales and assistance center on the British territory for over 10 years, is to leverage its position to play a key role in the sector. To do so, it will have to lead the development and expansion of electric propulsion systems in the UK, thanks also to the support of a valid reference such as Torqeedo.

The 3 Torqeedo models on which Golden Arrow Marine focuses in the UK

Golden Arrow Marine, thanks to its experience and expertise, can provide specialist advice to Torqeedo customers in the UK, as well as win new consumers through the supply of these first 3 models (which will not be the only ones) presented in the following paragraphs.

Torqeedo Travel. Credits: Christian Brecheis

Ultralight 1103AC 

It comes with a high-performance 915 Wh lithium battery, for a total weight of 15.3 kg (with battery). Comes with charger, throttle, on-board computer, GPS-based range calculation and emergency magnetic kill switch. 

It has a range of up to 53km and is easy to mount on fishing kayaks. Considering precisely this type of activity, we recall that it has a support for the fisherman, with a tilt mechanism and simplified mooring.

Travel 1103CS

It’s a high efficiency, solar-powered motor thanks to the built-in high-performance lithium battery (915 Wh). It comes with an on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation and battery charger. It allows immediate response to acceleration and works very quietly and cleanly.

The duration of its battery has been improved, but also the overall weight of the 2 variants: they reach 17.3 kg (S) and 17.7 kg (L), respectively.

Cruise 6.0TS

An outboard with maximum efficiency and tiller control, made more resistant to avoid any type of corrosion. It has a power input of 6,000W and in terms of propulsion is comparable to a 9.9hp petrol outboard. This model also features an integrated on-board computer with GPS-based range calculation.

It’s also possible to choose a version with lower power (4,300 W).

An important step for the 2 companies

The partnership has undoubtedly invigorated both companies, ready to work together to support their objectives on the UK market. Golden Arrow Marine, which has over 75 years of experience, was appointed “Master Dealer” in the UK last year. An important recognition for this brand which has 4 branches throughout the United Kingdom and a vast network of collaborators and dealers who can thus favor the expansion of Torqeedo electric outboards.

“The team at Golden Arrow Marine have developed deep technology and market knowledge over the past ten years. We’re confident they will continue to support and grow our customer base and dealer network in the UK as we transform the marine industry together,” said Tommi Salonen, senior vice president sales, Torqeedo GmbH.

As explained by Golden Arrow Marine‘s Technical Director, Martin Bizzell, the so-called ‘leisure industry’ has grown in the UK, where we find fishing, kayaking and canoeing. Furthermore, the issue of the use of sustainable energy is constantly developing and attracting more and more attention on a global level. All while looking for advantageous and interesting solutions for the future.