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Torqeedo is Expanding: 2 New Business Units on Their Way

by xBJ1R439wX

The official news of an expansion of Torqeedo came a few days ago. The leading company in the electric mobility on water has confirmed that it has created two business units and has announced the names of the managers who will take care of these new projects.

Matthias Vogel is expected to lead the Customized Solutions unit, while Sven Mostögl has been chosen for the Branded Retail line.

The new Customized Solutions business unit

The idea of creating this unit stems from the need to get closer to the customers that cater to the maritime and commercial sector. Here it will be possible to rely on a dedicated sales team, but also on experts in applications engineering, customer service and the entire after-sales phase.

Matthias Vogel is a respectable profile to fill this new position. As Fabian Bez CEO of Torqeedo GmbH explains, he has years of knowledge of the marine industry behind him, as well as tremendous experience in dealing with large companies and excellent technical skills. Therefore, he represents the perfect choice to guide projects and develop all the customization processes to support customers and satisfy their needs.

“We have exciting times ahead: In the coming months, we will develop a more modular system toolbox to combine the principles of customization and serial production and make electrification even easier for our professional customer,” explained Vogel before calling himself proud to work in such a dynamic and responsive company.

Vogel has worked for MTU and Siemens and has been responsible for various transformation projects around the world, from Bangkok to New York and Buenos Aires. A professional figure of the utmost importance to ensure excellent quality and prestige to the maritime sector on an international scale.

Branded Retail, the new unit assigned to Mostögl

This new unit aims to transform boating by developing even more engaging products, improving not only the customer experience, but also the global network of Torqeedo dealers, distributors, and service partners.

Mostögl, the new president of the unit, highlighted the desire to make a difference in respect of the environment, thus proposing products that are free of emissions and capable of inspiring people.

The project aims to offer complete answers, from the first moment in which a consumer chooses to proceed with the electrification of his boat, up to the direct experience he lives on the water. This is why the project is developed on several levels:

  • How a customer approaches Torqeedo for the first time, both in physical stores and online
  • How the products are presented and what are the advantages of going electric
  • How the products look and behave, thus considering their characteristics on water
  • How boaters live their aftermarket experience

For his part, Mostögl has already held international sales leadership positions for outdoor brands such as Bergans of Norway, Black Diamond and The North Face.

“Torqeedo is a great brand with a strong reputation in the maritime industry. The combination of a high-tech product, a fantastic brand, and a true purpose behind it is compelling to me,” explained Mostögl .

The two new Torqeedo managers are ready to promote sustainable boating and take it to the next level.