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The RIBs of the Future: What Role Will Inflatable Boats Play in the Nautical Market?

by xBJ1R439wX

When wanting to launch new proposals on the market (regardless of the reference sector), nothing is more functional than address consumer requests. Specifically focusing on the nautical sector, a series of interesting (and perhaps unexpected) requests can arise. And this is where MY- Electroboat, a German company that produces fully electric boats, happens to position itself. The company welcomed inquiries from its customers, who were interested in whether it would ever offer rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) with electric propulsion systems. And from that moment, the journey began directly at its headquarters on Lake Ammer in Bavaria. Taking advantage of the proximity to another leading company in the sector such as Torqeedo, the MY-RIB 420 was born!

The MY-RIB 420 comes with a length of 4.2 meters and a 12 kW Torqeedo electric engine. Let’s see how this and many other models of electric inflatable boats can leave their mark in the future!

Why are electric inflatable boats experiencing so much success?

Tornado’s Zero-E RIB is powered by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 50 R outboard and a 40 kWh Deep Blue battery – an 80 HP equivalent. Credits: Torqeedo / Christian Brecheis

If we take a leap back to the nineties, in addition to the beautiful music of the time, it’s also possible to note that rubber inflatable boats were considered a very popular means of transportation. They allowed to enter the world of boats, taking advantage of a much more practical movement than other ones. Since then, however, their role and their design has changed markedly. Electric propulsion, a real trend for the nautical sector, allows to respect the environment and be able to carry out any activity in a sustainable way.

Let’s think, for example, of the Zero-E RIB powered by the Torqeedo Deep Blue 50 R engine, which offers excellent performance, worthy of any 70 HP petrol outboard engine.

Furthermore, an electric engine has the advantage of working without making noise, thus favoring the exchange of communication between people and total respect for the surrounding environment.

This step has become fundamental precisely because inflatable boats are now used not only to transport passengers, but also to carry out many daily activities.

Excellent weight management on the water

A plus that is guaranteed by the electric propulsion is the weight and weight management on the water. This means that inflatable boats can work very well, leveraging the characteristics of electric engines also to ensure greater lightness on the water.

This factor is what underlies the design of the MY-RIB 420, which includes high-tech components, but manages to lighten its structure using the Torqeedo Power 48-5000 battery and charger. These tools are integrated under the steering wheel and driver’s seat, significantly reducing weight compared to fossil fuel engines.

Thus, in addition to being lighter, maneuverability and balance can be increased: it’s something like being on board of a jet ski, so to speak.

The Naviwatt ZenPro 580 RIB is used as a workboat in French harbours – the workers appreciate the high torque and manoeuvrability. Credits: Naviwatt / Emeric Jezequel Studio

It should also be said that choosing an electric drive ensures that you don’t have to resort to maintenance as often, since starting is made possible just by pressing a button. And finally, let’s not forget 3 other remarkable advantages:

  • Excellent acceleration
  • Good driving even in case of high waves and strong currents
  • Optimized control in case of difficult conditions

On the Bavarian lakes that are the home turf of MY-Electroboat, combustion engines are strictly regulated. Through electric RIBs like the MY-RIB 420 more people get access to the beautiful nature near the Alps. Credits: Tim Marcour

Travel without limits

Being at the lake and not having to hear the deafening noise of a combustion engine is a dream for those who love spending days on the water. But that’s not the only positive note! One of the most fascinating features of the Torqeedo Cruise engine matched to the MY-RIB 420, is the possibility of maneuvering the boat even in 30 cm deep waters. The height is very low, but despite this, also considering the lightness, there is practically no danger of damaging the hull in any way.

The characteristics of this inflatable boat certainly make it one of the most fascinating models for the present and above all for the future of the sector. According to insiders, given the current intense work and the desire to expand the catalog of boats, the world of electric mode on water is destined to experience the same success that electric bicycles have had.

So, let’s answer the question that inspired this study: what role will inflatable boats play in the nautical market? The future, according to the major manufacturers, is bright and electric inflatable boats will soon be the favorite means of boating enthusiasts.