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The Electric Breakthrough of Contest Yachts: New Models Equipped with Deep Blue

by xBJ1R439wX

Contest Yachts is a famous Dutch builder of semi-custom-made yachts that has decided to make a change in its production. How? Relying on Torqeedo and introducing a long-range electric propulsion system. Its new Contest 50CS and Contest 49CS models will be equipped with Deep Blue engines. And the intentions are ambitious: the aim is to extend this option to other models of the range as well.

A dutiful change of course, studied in every detail

One thing is certain: Contest Yachts‘ switch to electric was not improvised or dictated by chance. CEO Arjen Conijn explained it, according to whom it was necessary to explore this sector, taking in deep consideration this change. After examining several projects, the collaboration with Torqeedo and BMW regarding innovative batteries was born.

The proposed system is defined by Conijn himself as “first class”, because of its durability, resistance over time and efficiency, particularly thanks to the additional energy regeneration systems, which are under construction by Watt&Sea and Solbian.

But what can we expect from the new propulsion system of the Contest 50CS and Contest 49CS? Let’s find out what are the peculiarities of these “all electric” vessels from Contest Yachts.

Deep Blue characteristics

The 50 kW Deep Blue engine is combined with powerful Deep Blue 40 Li-ion batteries, as well as having fully integrated onboard power management and distribution.

Its batteries are ideal for powering air conditioning and their high capacity allows them to work effectively, extending the silent mode during navigation.

The Contest 50CS is powered by a Deep Blue 50 SD and powerful Deep Blue 40 batteries. Credits: Contest Yachts

And in terms of autonomy, what can we expect? The backup generator set is fully integrated and offers a long range, extended for long distance cruising via a 20kW DC generator and a 400-liter fuel tank.

Let’s not forget that the production of renewable energy via reverse propeller is also guaranteed, as well as two Watt&Sea hydroelectric generators that are inside the hull and Solbian solar panels.

In terms of maintenance, this is a real victory, thanks to the lower presence of mechanical components and the removal of LPG.

A win-win!

Speaking passionately about this project is also Robert Vijselaar, Contest Yachts‘ senior technical engineer who focused on electric drives. He pointed out that when such electric drives are referred to, there are still many people who question the whole range. A type of attitude that fails when it comes to conventional transmissions.

Vijselaar points out that the project was developed in compliance with various cases and conditions: for example, the wind, the state of the sea and much more. What the company offers today is a real boost to an autonomy range that was already considered top-of-the-line.

To discover the new Contest 49CS and Contest 50CS with Deep Blue, an event is organized on April 15th at the company’s shipyard in Medemblik, the Netherlands.