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The Latest Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems by Torqeedo

by xBJ1R439wX

Making a multihull a safe, high-performance and environmentally friendly personal transport system has never been easier. We discovered this when Torqeedo showed up at one of the world’s biggest multihull shows. The leading company in the field of electromobility applied to water transport brought its Deep Blue Hybrid to La Grande-Motte, France in 2022. 

On this occasion, it was necessary to show how electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems worked on a large scale, presenting above all a variety of boats, including the Excess 15, equipped with the Deep Blue Hybrid. 

Let’s see which boats we are talking about by taking a little trip through the latest Torqeedo products.

A push towards the affirmation of electric propulsion in water

The appointment at the International Boat Show in La Grande-Motte certainly represents an important change of course, useful to further push the move towards the electric world. A transition that is intriguing more and more yachtsmen. This is also demonstrated by the continuous upgrade work being conducted by Torqeedo, which has been working on its Cruise engines as well as focusing on the powerful 50 kW Deep Blue saildrive with advanced, automated hydrogen generation.

To find out more about Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid watch this video:

Reliable, clean, quiet

A look at the Deep Blue 100i 900 rpm electric motor

Behind every upgrade shown at trade fair events and beyond, Torqeedo has thus put in the spotlight the advantages that electric and hybrid units can offer.

“With Deep Blue powering your catamaran, you have a reliable, clean and quiet boating experience. And generate all the renewable energy you need onboard,” commented Isabel Jeschek, Senior Sales Manager of Torqeedo GmbH.

By now it is no secret that work is being done on a large scale to electrify more and more types of vessels, regardless of their sector or use. The new Cruise series motors consist of 3 kW, 6 kW and 12 kW (6-25 hp equivalent) models. This means being able to count on customised solutions that are adaptable to the type of boat you have.

Sailing and dinghy accessories

Specifically, Cruise engines are the propulsion system of choice for tender and dinghy applications. In addition, they have been developed and designed to work with Torqeedo’s Power series lithium-ion batteries. Not to mention the latest Deep Blue 50 kW saildrive system, which has also gained maximum attention at the Boat Builder Award in recent years. Its market launch was associated with the Beneteau Excess 15 catamaran, which you can admire up close in the following video:

And how can one forget the innovative ‘Whisper Yachts’ line, luxurious motor yachts from Symphony Marine that impress with their spaciousness, lines and Deep Blue propulsion and energy management.

The most recent uses (and thus direct collaborations) of Torqeedo products attest to a desire to provide solutions on a large scale, without leaving the market uncovered. Obviously, also thanks to the growing demand from consumers, who are increasingly interested in switching to electric.