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Miami International Boat Show: Sustainability Takes Center Stage

by xBJ1R439wX

One of the most prestigious international events in the world of boating, fishing and water sports has kicked off. The International Boat Show will be on from February 15 to 19 in Miami, choosing the sparkling waters of the so-called Magic City as its stage.

Within this paradise, thousands of visitors will be confronted with the latest industry news, discovering the proposals of world leaders. But that’s not all: the central theme for 2023 is linked to the protection of the environment and at the same time to the offer of eco-sustainable proposals.

What to Expect at the Miami International Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show, which is organized and produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association is home to more than 1,700 NMMA member companies, which produce more than 80 percent of the marine products that can be found on the market.

The event wants to welcome guests showing them how times have changed. Think of Miami itself, a city that is known around the world for its sunny and warm climate. But it’s impossible not to consider the profound climate change that has already left important signs in this magical paradise. The sea level, for example, which has risen 15 centimeters over the past 25 years, with tides regularly inundating the lower districts.

And in all this, the nautical sector is also clearly affected. But at the same time, it can kick off important initiatives raising consumer awareness.

In Miami, the spotlights are on Torqeedo’s sustainable proposals

Torqeedo booth at the Miami Beach Convention Center MB2428

This year, the Boat Show becomes an important occasion for building connections not only between people, but also with the nature that surrounds us. Much will be focused on the presentation of sustainable electric boating products, to be clear those products that guarantee zero emissions. And talking about sustainability, we cannot fail to mention Torqeedo, which will be present during the boat show with its flagship products. Steve Trkla, president of Torqeedo Inc, spoke about this participation:

“Visitors to this year’s Torqeedo booth can explore how the company has evolved from a pioneer to an industry leader. Torqeedo developed many of the original products for emission-free boating”

Drive The Future | Electric Boat Drives by Torqeedo

Torqeedo will exhibit some of its innovative products for electric and hybrid boating, in its space at the Miami Beach Convention Center MB2428 and at the Aquazone, in Pride Park. Among these products, the innovative First 44 will not be missing, born from the partnership with BENETEAU.

Discovering the First 44

The First 44 from BENETEAU is equipped with a Torqeedo emission-free Cruise pod drive system and was built with recyclable resin. Credit: BENETEAU/ Gilles Martin-Raget

The BENETEAU First 44 features a zero-emission Torqeedo Cruise pod transmission system, and is made with recyclable resin. Its structure, performance and functionality have earned it the prestigious Boat Builder Award, a prize that is awarded for the commitment, in the production phase, linked to environmental improvement. All with the choice of materials of organic origin and recyclable on a large scale.

Speaking of the work done in the last 17 years, Trkla wanted to give credit to the proposals that Torqeedo has been able to develop:

“We have developed a complete range of electric solutions for boats, from kayaks to large yachts. Now, with solar integration and advanced hydrogen generation systems, boaters can generate their own renewable energy and use it to run everything on board.”

This means that today, and above all tomorrow, boats will be able to navigate and move without having to live with constraints that depend on proximity to the fuel quay. Freedom is, today more than ever, a real necessity which is now possible to implement in various ways!