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The new 3 kW, 6 kW and 12 kW outboard motors and electric pods for 2022

by 4CWrrdd2Dp

Torqeedo continues to lead the way in the field of electric mobility on water, announcing a comprehensive refresh of its leading product line: the Cruise engines.

The new Cruise range will consist of 3 kW, 6 kW and 12 kW outboard engines and pods powered by very high-quality lithium-ion batteries. More power does not mean more weight, in fact Cruise engines remain the lightest outboard engines in their power class.

The new six to twenty-five horsepower engines have a completely reworked design with enhanced thermal behavior, an even stronger aluminum pylon with an integrated fin, new ultra-quiet and durable helical gears, and improved rudder functionality.

Both the new Cruise 12.0 and 6.0 Remote and Fixed Pod drivers are equipped with TorqLink, Torqeedo ‘s advanced communication system, which allows faster and more accurate data sharing between the systems’ components. TorqLink makes solar charging – charging via hydrogenation and AC generator integration – even easier when paired with Torqeedo’s Power 48-5000 lithium-ion batteries and chargers.

At an affordable price, the new Cruise 3.0 R / Cruise 3.0 T, are a 6 horsepower equivalent transmission system, suitable for sailboats up to 30 feet or displacement boats up to 3 tons. This lightweight electric drive system runs on 24 Volts and allows for easy integration of up to sixteen Power 24-3500 lithium-ion batteries.

For 2022, the new-designed Cruise 6.0 with TorqLink,

9.9 horsepower- equivalent, easily powers displacement vessels up to 5 tons or light planing inflatable boats.

The weight of Cruise 6.0 outboard is less than 70 kg, including battery and throttle.

Are you looking for more range or more horsepower? Then consider the sister system for vessels up to 10 tons or add more energy storage. Up to eight Power 48-5000 batteries can be connected to the Cruise Drive propulsion system, extending the range up to 200 nautical miles.

New Cruise 12.0 with high thrust TorqLink is suitable for displacement vessels up to 12 tons or for small planing vessels. The Cruise 12.0 engine weighs only 60 kg, while the Fixed version Pod drops to 34 kg. Both units offer exceptional thrust, powering displacement hulls with power equivalent to 25 horsepower heat engines.

“With the launch of the new line of Cruise engines, Torqeedo continues to innovate and define the future of mobility on water. Our mission is to deliver a greener and more sustainable boating experience that delights our customers,” said Dr. Ralf Plieninger, Chief Executive Officer of Torqeedo.