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The Long (and Lucky) Season of Travel Electric Outboards

by xBJ1R439wX

Every summer, creating memories with family and friends is a goal for so many people. Instead, doing so efficiently and sustainably on water has become the dream of an increasingly important group of people. Sailors, skippers, fishermen or river and lake enthusiasts: it doesn’t matter what the ultimate purpose is, what is certain is that the use of boats has profoundly increased in recent years. Above all, boats with electric motors have left their mark, precisely because we are dealing with clean, silent, high-performance and easy-to-use vessels.

It has also been noticed by insiders: from 2005 to today, electric motors have conquered more and more space, attracting the attention of many yachtsmen, ready to look for motors capable of offering quality, impeccable engineering, efficiency and technology. There is one model in particular that does not go unnoticed: Torqeedo Travel.

Electric and technological

Today, the greatest consumer requests are directed towards unique items such as the Torqeedo Travel 1103 and 603 , the lightest and most silent outboards on the market, equipped with an on-board computer with GPS and an integrated lithium-ion battery for high performance.

Choosing a boat with an electric motor has become the new trend of the moment, ensuring fun and freedom of exploration while respecting nature and water.

Fuoribordo elettrico Torqeedo.travel ecologico
Navigating in a silent, electric and ecological way.

Thanks to these optimized solutions from Torqeedo it’s possible to know how far you are from the mainland, but also how far you can still go, while respecting the autonomy and speed of navigation. And when the going gets tough, a fully charged battery can be kicked in to extend the outdoor fun.

Travel, the safe choice of boat owners

Fuoribordo elettrico Torqeedo.travel per gommoni e yacht
The electric outboard adapts to yachts and dinghies with great versatility.

Anyone with a boat, whether sailing or motor, will find the best choice for switching to electric in the Travel motor. The reason for this is soon said:

  • It weighs just 17.3 kg including battery
  • Travel models are light and easy to handle
  • They require close to no maintenance

The beauty of the Travel lies also in its practical structure: it can be easily disassembled into 3 parts, to facilitate its loading on board. It must also be said that it does not leak fuel and can be stored below deck according to your needs. Some enthusiasts also charge the battery with solar or 12-volt power while cruising.

More safety, less maintenance

Fuoribordo elettrico Torqeedo.travel con batteria sostituibile
Handy motors with lithium-ion battery.

Travel safety is a prerogative, even when tackling a short route. When you get used to moving with combustion outboards, you must also consider the future maintenance phases, useful for preventing (often solving) fuel encrustations, leaks and clogging of pipes that can make small engines difficult to operate.

Fuoribordo elettrico Torqeedo.travel per barche da lavoro
Electric engines are  the right solution for tenders and work boats.

The maintenance phase can instead be completely forgotten in the case of electric motors, which is why more and more people are preferring this solution. Simplicity to the nth degree in many respects:

  • The electric motors start with a simple button
  • In case of need, it’s possible to request direct assistance from the manufacturer and, in the case of Travel, from Torqeedo
  • Movements are safe and noise-free
  • Engine management is optimized by the presence of innovative tools that allow to have a clear picture of the situation.

The advantages are endless, for many types of boats including tenders or work boats, which thus add to the long list of navigation means suitable for the transition to electric. A change that is experiencing one of its luckiest seasons!