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Sustainable Sailing: EXCESS Presents the Revolutionary Hybrid Project Excess 15

by khSFX7dhpm

At Cannes Yachting Festival, Excess presented Excess 15, the first hybrid catamaran powered by Torqeedo‘s Deep Blue Hybrid fully integrated propulsion and energy management system. With this highly innovative prototype, a project by “Excess Lab”, Excess is taking a decisive step forward in the marine industry, aiming for a boating experience that embraces sustainability.

A silent boating experience

Thanks to the integration of the Deep Blue Hybrid engine, when sailing in good weather aboard the Excess 15, passengers can enjoy all the comforts without the annoying noises and fumes of a generator. The bluewater sailing configuration consists of two twin Deep Blue 50 kW electric sail-drives, produced in cooperation with ZF, two high-capacity Deep Blue lithium-ion BMW i3 batteries, and a comprehensive energy management system that stores clean energy and recharges the batteries while sailing.

During the yacht’s first test run, the hydrogeneration system provided enough electricity to power one hundred percent of the devices on board at a cruising speed of seven to eight knots. The addition of solar PV, planned for the second phase of the Excess 15 project with Deep Blue Hybrid, will expand the reach of the system and provide even more hybrid power and onboard comfort.

Hervé Piveteau, Excess Product Manager, was one of the first to board the Excess 15 with Deep Blue Hybrid for a navigation test.

“The first thing to be noticed is the noise reduction and the improved handling. Torqeedo makes it easier to maneuver the yacht even in confined spaces.

The second aspect to underline is the abundance of available energy thanks to the large lithium-ion batteries. The energy management system provides regular updates on how much energy is being consumed and generated. Observing the energy flow of the yacht unconsciously has a positive impact on sailors’ behavior and consumption, without any sacrifice.

The third interesting aspect of an electric propulsion catamaran is what we call “hybrid sailing”, which combines the use of wind and electric propulsion. The precision with which it’s possible to control the engines is amazing. Sailing with the engines at low revs is ultra-efficient and allows to travel longer, essentially generating wind, without compromising the sailing sensations or the pleasure of a silent sailing experience,” says Hervé Piveteau.

An important mission, a shared commitment

“Onboard energy management and questions about alternative propulsion are some of the most popular topics in the Excess Lab,” says Hervé Piveteau. The Excess Lab is an online forum that connects Excess experts directly to their current and potential customers. This forum is open to everyone to ask questions, exchange opinions and invite collaboration and is helping Excess to make great progress in the world of navigation. “The Excess Lab community is interested in onboard systems and technology, the innovations to come. We knew that hybrid propulsion was the right move and we couldn’t wait to make it,” says Hervé Piveteau.

This project is part of Groupe Beneteau’s global strategy, which is currently implementing hybrid engine designs across a wide variety of brands and boats to help further reduce the brand’s emissions.

“When Groupe Beneteau hinted at a collaboration with Torqeedo, I spoke in favor of a frontline role for Excess”, recalls Thibaut de Montvalon, Excess Brand Director. “Efficiency plays a crucial role in navigation. This also means having a boat with a slim profile, easy to handle, and which invites connecting with nature. Ninety percent of today’s catamarans place an emphasis on luxury, losing touch with the sensations – the unique emotions – of sailing. Excess builds catamarans for sailors: catamarans that make skippers feel at one with the wind and waves but offering at the same time all the necessary comforts to allow friends and family to enjoy the pleasure of this adventure to the fullest.

“The Excess 15 is the natural first step in the world of the integration of hybrid electric engines on board of catamarans. The construction of a yacht, simple to manage, to maneuver and in harmony with nature, is part of the DNA of our brand”, says Thibaut de Montvalon.

“Projects focused on electric navigation, such as the one we are currently undertaking with Groupe Beneteau, are defining the future of the marine industry,” says Phillip Goethe, Director of Sales at Torqeedo. “Creating partnerships to deliver a better, sustainable and enjoyable boating experience is Torqeedo’s mission. The Excess 15 proves us that this is possible.”