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DEUTZ Italy for Torqeedo at the Venice Boat Show 2023

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Venice is preparing to open its doors (and its waters) to the fourth edition of the Boat Show, which will be held in the Lagoon from May 31st to June 4th, 2023, and will be organized in the name of sustainability.

Five days characterized by conferences, in-water demonstrations, regattas, and new models and designs to be admired up close. Also DEUTZ Italy participates in the event, on behalf of Torqeedo, to showcase innovative products, capable of ensuring the numerous advantages of electric mobility and the support for a “green” revolution that proceeds undaunted.

The engines that will be exhibited at the Venice Boat Show, at Piazzale Della Campanella – Dock 2, are Deep Blue 25/50, both inboard and outboard versions, Cruise 6, and Travel 603, with the chance of trying the latter in-water.

The evolution of Torqeedo

The prestigious position that Torqeedo conquered in the marine industry has come after years of hard work. It all started with a small boathouse on Lake Starnberg near Munich. At the time, great attention was paid to the limit of use of combustion engines to navigate on inland lakes. A detail that strongly pushed towards the introduction and transition to electric engines.

The real revolution of electromobility began in 2005, when Torqeedo launched a travel motor for light navigation, capable of avoiding the emission of pollutants. It was the first Travel engine, equipped with a lithium-ion battery and the never missing on-board computer with GPS. Since then, thanks to the technological innovation of our times, it has been possible to make power, reliability and dynamism coexist flawlessly. All without the production of noise.

And if in 2005 electric solutions were very few (mainly associated with trolling motors or other heavy systems), in 2023 Torqeedo recorded 200,000 sales of its products, right on its 18th birthday.

The meeting with DEUTZ

In 2017 comes the meeting with DEUTZ, which acquired Torqeedo with the aim of continuing to develop high-tech nautical engines and accessories. And this is how their leadership on a global scale was confirmed.

DEUTZ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for innovative drive systems, with a focus on development, production, distribution and service activities for professional applications.

For its part, DEUTZ has contributed with a series of electric and hybrid technological skills, ready to walk hand in hand with existing and new Torqeedo products.

Characteristics of the Torqeedo engines exhibited in Venice

Torqeedo, number one for sustainable outboards and inboards, offers electric motors up to 100 kW, hybrid systems, smart battery technology and accessories. Let’s take a closer look at those that will be presented in Venice.

Deep Blue 25/50

  • Electric propulsion system;
  • 25/50 kW power (there is also a model with a maximum power of 100kW)
  • 40 kWh smart batteries
  • High safety standards
  • All-electric or hybrid system available
Photo: torqeedo.com

Deep Blue ensures an out of the ordinary performance and high levels of safety and functionality. It’s the first electric propulsion system for industrially produced motorboats, presenting a smart battery with a warranty of up to 9 years.

At the show it will be possible to find both the Deep Blue outboard version and the Deep Blue inboard version, suitable for the most powerful motorboats.

Cruise 6.0

  • Maximum power and low weight
  • Solid structure
  • On-board GPS computer to monitor speed
  • Corrosion protection even in saltwater
  • Greater autonomy with batteries
Photo: torqeedo.com

The first Cruise electric motors were launched in 2022 and are the best choice for powerboats, dinghies and commercial applications. They integrate the on-board computer with GPS, ideal for keeping an eye not only on navigation speed, but also on power, charge level and range. The new Cruise 6.0 R is a 48 Volt system that is powered by Torqeedo’s Power 48-5000 lithium batteries, and which uses the advanced TorqLink communication system.

Travel 603

  • Lightest engine of its kind and category (15.5 to 17.3 kg)
  • High overall efficiency
  • Silent
  • On-board computer with GPS
  • Spare batteries
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Suitable for boats up to 1 ton
Photo: torqeedo.com

Freedom to move in total power and without making any noise: this is where the Travel 603 electric outboards are born, equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, and an on-board computer that indicates range, charge and other functions in real time.

A durable, industrially developed engine that offers dynamic response, high performance, light weight and is highly maneuverable. Also, during the Venice Boat Show it will be possible to try it in-water.

The extra accessory: TorqTrac app

For Travel 603 and Cruise T and R models it’s also possible to rely on the TorqTrac app, capable of enhancing the on-board computer work, offering a wider view to the user. It ensures a greater range of action on the map to understand how far navigation may take place, with trip recordings and eco-logging.

Its direct communication with the engine takes place wirelessly via Bluetooth, to access all the necessary information in real time.

The Venice Boat Show exhibition space

The Venice Arsenale, the current central nucleus for the entire naval industry, will offer an external exhibition space of 30,000 sqm, an internal one of 5,000 sqm and over 1,100 linear meters of docks.

An important space for sharing ideas, projects and models that are born and developed in compliance with sustainable production.