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6 Good Reasons to Fish with an Electric Outboard

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Any fisherman will surely have developed a certain familiarity with trolling motors over the years: a type of stealthy, rather slow fishing which therefore requires the use of tiny electric motors ideal for reducing noise and leveraging the excellent positioning of the boat. But did you know that you can get a high level of silence from the engine, using outboards designed to ensure trolling?

More and more consumers, for several years, have started to request electric propulsion units such as Torqeedo Travel or Cruise which have one thing in common: they are ultra-quiet. At the same time, however, they offer the advantage of counting on a light engine that is easy to use and requires little maintenance. We want to guide you through this new way of conceiving fishing activities, a new awareness that leads fishermen to change their habits. And to do this, we call on Torqeedo, the absolute leader in the market for electric mobility on water.

Less pollution, maximum performance

Would you give up an engine capable of taking you to the best fishing spots reducing your carbon footprint and therefore the use of fossil fuels? Electric outboard motors are ideal for those who practice fishing in coastal waters, freshwater lakes and rivers, relying on small and medium-sized boats, such as skiffs and bass boats.

Let’s not forget kayaks, canoes and dinghies, which are currently the most compatible solutions with electric outboards, ideal for enjoying a day of fishing.

Pesca Torqeedo con azionamento elettrico
The Travel is the perfect choice for fishing nearshore or freshwater lakes & rivers.

Furthermore, the decision to move towards electric propulsion has also become an inevitable factor, given that it is considered mandatory in various lakes, especially those that act as reservoirs of drinking water. And the regulations could soon become even stricter in the coming months.

Silence is gold to reach the fishing spot

Pesca Torqeedo con azionamento elettrico
Fishing in silence is possible thanks to electric outboards.

When approaching a fishing spot, every fisherman already has in mind the type of strategy and tactics he wants to adopt. Undoubtedly, despite the diversity of each method, what all tactics have in common is the need to act in silence, so as not to scare the fish. A slight vibration or a sudden anomaly in the environment is enough to push the fish to seek refuge.

Pesca Torqeedo con azionamento elettrico
Catch the big fish. Credits: Carp Brothers.

Good speed and power

When someone approaches the world of electric outboards for the first time, they ask themselves two things: how powerful it is in terms of speed and how long it will go. As is often remembered, boats have very high water resistance and more battery power is required to increase speed. Despite this, today it’s possible to find boats and fishing boats with excellent speed, capable of offering good value for money in the case of fishing boats weighing up to 12 tons.

A practical example? In the case of small fishing vessels, of up to a maximum of 1.5 tons, with Torqeedo Travel power supply, it’s possible to reach a maximum speed of 6 MPH. This ensures the necessary acceleration to move quickly to a new fishing spot.

Minimal maintenance

If we think of an electric fishing boat, we must remember that a further advantage is a low maintenance. In fact, consider that there is no oil change required and there is no maintenance for the fuel system.

This aspect is important because it means that costs and investments are lowered in the long term, even on batteries. Those with lithium ions, for example, last 8-15 years and there is no risk of running into volatile fossil fuel prices.

Pesca Torqeedo con azionamento elettrico
Choosing an electric fishing boat means saving in several respects.

Autonomy on display

How long can the autonomy of the electric motor last? Torqeedo branded solutions, from Ultralight to Travel to Cruise, are equipped with important information that each customer can monitor with great comfort.

All Torqeedo products provide a highly accurate GPS-calculated range display that shows cruising speed and remaining range in hours, miles, kilometers or nautical miles. Furthermore, the percentage of battery charge up to 1% accuracy and the energy required to reach a given speed are reported.

More sustainability and environmental protection

Let’s forget unpleasant smells, stains, fuel leaks, oil that can leak into the water and thus endanger marine life. Electric drives are, from this point of view, a total security for customers, above all because they eliminate exhaust fumes.

Fishing becomes a healthy activity, which puts man in contact with clean air and a totally peaceful environment.
It is an important step to connect with nature, but above all to preserve the ecosystem, the quality of the water in lakes and rivers. A fundamental concept that must be handed down to future generations as well.