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Ultra-Intelligent Engines: the New Torqeedo and c.technology Mission

by xBJ1R439wX

Torqeedo, the global leader in electric mobility on water, and c.technology, a provider of cutting-edge SaaS cloud infrastructure for sport utility vehicles, recently announced a new partnership. These two companies are collaborating to develop intelligent motors and to present an innovative system in the field of water mobility. The appointment for the big presentation is at METSTRADE, on November 15-17, 2023.

Torqeedo ‘s long experience in the sector embraces the technical know-how of c.technology to create an innovative platform that will take electric boating to a new level. It aims to offer an innovative and connected experience through highly informative mobile and web-based applications. The solution is valid for yachtsmen, for any commercial operator and for fleet managers.

The intention is to build “connected ecosystems” for sporty vehicles, as explained by Christian Fehr, CEO of c.technology. A move that wants to go beyond any limit or possible obstacle.

Going “beyond the boat”

Torqeedo, a leading company in the field of electric mobility on water, offers advanced solutions for boats and motor boats. Cutting edge technology has revolutionized the marine industry, offering high performance electric motors that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

“At Torqeedo, we are always thinking ‘beyond the boat’. That means considering the sustainable boating ecosystem holistically and asking a lot of tough questions”, explained Torqeedo CEO Fabian Bez.

But what are these difficult questions? For example:

  • How to make electric boating even more intuitive for consumers?
  • Can you not give up convenience and fun?
  • How can you make the most of the charging capacity in a marina?
  • How is assistance (even remote) and system maintenance guaranteed?
  • How can we make the most of the on-board battery capacity?

These are questions that have literally changed and improved the sector.

Cloud services and even smarter engines for Torqeedo

Behind many of these questions comes the partnership with c.technology, which for Torqeedo represents a significant step towards a better customer experience when approaching electric mobility on water.

The idea is simple: cloud services can make Torqeedo engines even smarter, setting new standards, to consolidate the company’s prominent position globally. In this way, the future of the nautical industry will be decisively structured.

Start-up c.technology is known for its expertise in SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud infrastructure for sporty vehicles. Their platform offers innovative solutions that enable sport vehicle manufacturers to integrate advanced features such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and artificial intelligence into their products.

Together with Torqeedo they aim to create intelligent motors that will deliver superior performance on the water while using cutting-edge technologies for connectivity and data analysis.

This partnership promises to bring significant benefits to the waterborne mobility sector by offering more sustainable and energy efficient solutions. And of course, customers are curious to see more powerful and reliable engines up close, combined with advanced features such as remote management and real-time data analysis.
A new important step forward in the field of electric mobility on water; from Torqeedo we can certainly expect new innovative solutions that will improve the user experience and contribute to green navigation.