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Torqeedo Celebrates 18 Years and the Sale of 200,000 Engines

by xBJ1R439wX

Torqeedo turned 18 and achieved an important milestone in the month of March: the sale of 200,000 engines in total.

But how much has changed in these 18 years? What kind of innovations have been achieved and above all what is expected for the future?

The origins of the myth

A long road has been traveled and, in this company, we can find a series of important changes. In fact, 18 years ago the “dream” began thanks to the birth of a small boathouse on Lake Starnberg, not far from Munich.

Even at this time, the use of combustion engines to navigate many inland lakes was restricted. The reason? Such engines act as reservoirs of drinking water and have an impact on wildlife. This obviously applied to Lake Starnberg and any other similar area.

There has always been only one option for boaters: wait (months or years) to receive the combustion navigation permit. So, to act in the short term, they considered the transition to electric engines.

It is easy to say that in 2005 there were few, very few electric solutions and they were limited to trolling motors or other heavy systems built with the use of obsolete components. And it’s precisely there that Torqeedo has been able to place itself to work at its best!

From the first electric motor to the milestone of 200,000 sold units

Since the first period of 2004, it was already quite clear to everyone that technology and sustainability would play a key role in supporting the projects of Torqeedo, the modern leader in electromobility. In fact, today electric motors have become increasingly important, also in relation to the growth of the world population, the limited oil reserves, and the need to limit global warming.

Torqeedo therefore launched its travel engine at the time, offering a light product capable of not producing polluting emissions. This is how the Travel electric outboard was born, equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and an integrated on-board computer with GPS. A powerful and reliable engine that works silently and dynamically.

A choice of pure success that has led to work on further high-tech alternatives from different parts of the world, year after year, affirming the excellent work of the brand in the production and development phases.

Torqeedo today, between present and future

18 years have passed and the innovation of Torqeedo solutions continues to dominate the scene. Think, for example, of the first engine specifically designed for kayak fishing, or the first fully integrated propulsion system for fast motorboats. Not to mention the hybrid system for large sailing yachts.
Behind every boat there is the possibility of installing a Torqeedo engine, which has thus been able to reach the record sales milestone in 2023. However, the goal is not to be the best in the category, but to offer increasingly up-to-date solutions that allow safe and clean movement on the water. This, therefore, also requires maximum respect for the environment that surrounds us.

Torqeedo today rhymes with evolution and excellent performance, just as demonstrated by the numbers it has been able to record in over 100 countries around the world. In its first 15 years it sold 100,000 units of engines. The other 100,000 were sold in just 3 years: a figure that testifies to how strong the electric boating industry is today. The time has come to get on board and continue sailing towards the future!