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Mundo Marino Ecological Catamaran with Torqeedo ‘s Deep Blue Hybrid

by xBJ1R439wX

Ever heard of Mundo Marino? Mundo Marino is a company that has a fleet of state-of-the-art boats, ready to reduce the environmental impact. The company’s goal is to propose solutions that offer services by sea to the public, in an increasingly accessible and responsible way.

But why is the focus precisely on the work of Mundo Marino? Simple: because it recently presented its first hybrid catamaran, a product that is ready to be talked about.

An unforgettable tour aboard Mundo Marino Eco

To enrich the naval fleet of Mundo Marino, the very first hybrid catamaran, from an idea of the group and of naval engineer David de Haro, relies on Torqeedo Deep Blue technology. The hybrid catamaran, as its presentation states, is an “ecological sailboat” with which each passenger can “sail the bay of Malaga”. And it’s precisely from the bay that the skyline of the capital of the Costa del Sol can be admired, but also the fourteenth-century castle of Gibralfaro and finally the Moorish fortress of Alcazaba.

Among its most surprising features is certainly the Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid propulsion, which relies on an energy management system that makes the control of this eco-catamaran completely fascinating. A very interesting choice not only for Mundo Marino, but above all for the entire sector which is focusing strongly on the ever growing sustainable tourism.

The modern luxury of the eco-catamaran

The “sunset cruise” is one of the most popular tours of the solar-electric catamaran – no engine noise disturbs the serene atmosphere.

Imagine being able to sail with a drink in hand, some music in the background and a dreamy sunset ahead, while next to the bay. The different tours that Mundo Marino offers are ideal for different types of passengers and sea lovers. To admire and appreciate the beauties of the sea, everyone will be able to find their own ideal condition, taking advantage of a tour with swimming excursions. And doing it aboard this catamaran will be even more enjoyable.

The eco-catamaran is presented in white, a simple but elegant choice at the same time, and measures 24 meters, with a width of 10. It was built inside the Drassenes Dalmau shipyard, north of Barcelona.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with 2 diesel engines of 300hp, ideal for being able to transport the yacht between Barcelona and Málaga.

A very silent electric motor

What is surprising about this means of transport on water is the almost total absence of noise during navigation. The tour is completely silent and allows to maximize the pleasure of a nice relaxing journey, enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Its Torqeedo electric motor was chosen because it’s perfect for enjoying short trips at a moderate speed of four knots. De Haro himself, who for the first year captained Mundo Marino Eco, praised the onboard energy management system. The reason?

It allows to take advantage of renewable energy to meet the different operational needs of the catamaran.

Let’s think, for example, of the water pumps, but also of the lighting, the music system, and the refrigerator, which are powered by the same solar system. But that’s not all: if going out on windy days, the catamaran unfurls its sails and uses hydrogenation to recharge its batteries.

A surprising catamaran also for passengers

But the catamaran also manages to surprise insiders, especially the skipper who can steer it easily thanks to Torqeedo’s Deep Blue energy management system. All information relating to the vessel may be verified at a simple glance.

In the cockpit of the catamaran the skipper has all the information needed at one glance – thanks to the Deep Blue energy management system and intuitive control panels.

The sustainable choices made by Mundo Marino are driving more and more passengers to choose this company for its green solutions. To date, in fact, if a tourist company chooses the development of more sustainable operations, it knows it can differentiate itself in terms of competitiveness. And this factor is a clear advantage! First of all because passengers, and therefore travellers, love the idea of always having new experiences by embracing sustainable activities. And it is certainly fascinating to be able to choose a catamaran capable of generating its own power in such an autonomous way.

The time spent on board the catamaran is “clean” because it doesn’t damage the delicate marine biotope through exhaust gases, emissions and even noise.

The nautical sector is moving towards an ecological destination, and it is doing so with great speed. This suggests that the Mundo Marino fleet itself will soon be able to increase and thus offer new solutions that are increasingly silent and greener, thanks to the help and support of the new Torqeedo technologies.