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Electric Motor Trends: News from the 2022 Boat Show

by 4CWrrdd2Dp

One of the most important nautical events, both at an Italian and at an international level, was held in Genoa. The 2022 Boat Show was characterized by a variety of brands, appointments and meeting occasions that attracted the attention of many exponents of the nautical industry. Torqeedo of the Deutz group also took part on the Ligurian stage, inside a stand that gave space to innovation and many projects. Among these is the project of boats equipped with Torqeedo engines, an idea developed by Michele Solari of Barche Elettriche. Not to mention the chance to meet also Francesco Marcellino, CEO of Cbeb which produces a 22-footer with a Torqeedo Deep blue engine.

New trends emerging from the Boat Show

Presentations, meetings and innovation: the Genoese appointment made it possible to understand how widespread the idea of electric mobility on boats is, also thanks to the affirmation of the charging infrastructure. To date, the biggest doubt is represented by the fear of not knowing how and where to complete the charging process. Precisely for this reason, Torqeedo supplies various common elements to all its products in the range, offering a series of explanations and practical reassurances.

Gennaro Giliberti, Torqeedo’s Business Unit Manager for Italy, better explains the concept of electric mobility and, above all, takes stock of the experience at the Boat Show.
We have registered a great interest in the Travel model, which is the most accessible model and the one with the most attractive price”, confirmed Giliberti.

Most of all, it’s the new trends that have emerged that amaze: one for all, the request for support from those involved in sport fishing: “he sport fishing sector was very interested in our work and we were asked how to install an electric auxiliary motor to integrate with the system that they may already have on the boat”, commented Giliberti.

The unstoppable growth of electric mobility

From the careful analysis that was made by Torqeedo’s Business Unit Manager, the company confirmed that it has become the reference point of the sector. A reason for this is that it has been able to present electric boating and put it within everyone’s reach. In particular, it has become the reference for the integrated energy management of boats. Starting from the small products up to the big ones.

“Visitors appreciated our commitment to offering an integrated solution as a single supplier. We are aware that the full package prices for the service we offer are high, but nevertheless they appreciated being able to go to a single supplier”, he said.

The latter is a detail that should not be underestimated, especially if we think about the possibility of connecting or installing components independently, with a plug & play system. And precisely for this reason the market demand is expanding on several sectors: “We have noticed great interest on the part of the shipyards in the yachting world for the DYNAMICO”, he explains, drawing attention to some specific solutions..

For example, the hotel solution that allows to record the energy required for on-board utilities (even when the boat is stationary) starting from the BMW batteries, working on a low 400-volt bus.
“This is a much safer solution than the 48-volt one, which works with a higher bus and has fewer thermal and safety issues on the batteries”.

The present is bright and eyes are on the future

From the performed analysis, it seems that this rosy present for the electricity sector can only be overcome by a future that is even more innovative and full of versatile solutions.
Even those sectors, those worlds that did not think of approaching the electric yet, are now ready to embrace this global innovation.
Torqeedo will certainly have a key role in all of this and, as Giliberti himself underlines, so will the electromobility trend setters, real players who have shown the greatest interest in the nautical market.