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Anastasiya Winkel, NRV and Torqeedo Sail Towards a Better World

by xBJ1R439wX

An appointment full of good intentions and emotions was held a few days ago. Anastasiya Winkel, a well-known Olympic sailor of German-Ukrainian origins, has decided to bring children and young boys, fleeing Ukraine, to Hamburg’s Outer Alster on the occasion of the Helga Cup. The Helga Cup is a famous international sailing regatta for women.

Nearly 20 Ukrainian children and young people, ready to board a sailboat for the first time, were incredulous and surprised at the occasion. And just for them, who obviously didn’t speak the German language yet, it was possible to rely on a Ukrainian sailing coach to enjoy every moment on the water.

Not to mention the thrill of being in the presence of Anastasiya Winkel, extremely helpful in greeting the little ones and signing their autographs.

Helga Cup and the anti-war commitment in Ukraine

The opening day of the event was therefore entirely dedicated to an important social commitment, to counter the war in Ukraine.

Winkel did not appear alone, but was accompanied by four Ukrainian professional athletes and several NRV sailors. The young refugees had the opportunity to discover and get to know the new hometown of Hamburg up close, from a perspective that is truly unusual, namely that of water.

Anastasiya Winkel herself , who decided to move to Germany out of love, said she was worried that Europe might forget the horrors of war that are constantly taking place in her homeland.

Olympic sailing champion Anastasija Winkel (right) came in sixth with her Ukrainian sailing team.

Sven Jürgensen, promoter, and organizer of the Helga Cup, also spoke about the event, highlighting the importance of empathy and cooperation for water sports. Two characteristics that Winkel herself, champion with a heart of gold, has certainly shown. Unsurprisingly, during the first months since the beginning of the war, she has found accommodation for more than 60 Ukrainian refugees in northern Germany. It’s particularly women sailors who have received support, so that they can continue to live from their passion, letting the water wash away the horrors of war. At least for a few moments.

Torqeedo supported the event dedicated to children

During the 4-day regatta which was hosted by the North German Regatta Association (NRV) in Hamburg, it was also possible to highlight what are the central characteristics of the international sailing community. Despite the difficult times, in fact, everything is focused on empathy, cooperation and the pleasure of mobility on the water.

The women’s sailing regatta was also supported by Torqeedo, which participated at the event by supplying electric motors for buses and work boats. Furthermore, it has also actively collaborated with NRV to promote the culture of sustainability, obviously passing through sailing.

Simply enjoying time on the water – that’s what the Helga Cup is also about.

This initiative has certainly demonstrated that sport can also become a source of distraction. Anastasiya Winkel in fact explained the importance of water and sport in order to regenerate the human mind and distract from life’s difficulties.

Initiatives like this are therefore essential to help children find some normalcy.