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Strengthening of the Commercial Agreement Between IHI Power Systems and Deutz Italy for NIIGATA ®

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DEUTZ ITALY has strengthened one of the most important partnerships in its history. The distribution contract stipulated way back in 2006 for Italy alone was extended to the main countries of Southern Europe.

The commercial and after-sales service skills of DEUTZ ITALY have for years attracted the attention of the medium speed marine engines and azimuth thrusters’ division of the Japanese group IHI (https://www.ihi.co.jp/en/). The IHI group is well known in Italy having been selected as the main contractor for the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina.

The new agreement with the Japanese giant, owner of the historic NIIGATA® brand under which naval engines (since 1919) and azimuth thrusters (since 1959) are marketed, is therefore a confirmation on a European scale.

Deutz sales projects Italy for NIIGATA ® products

In recent years, the agreement with DEUTZ ITALY has allowed IHI to perform important projects in the naval sector. One of them was the conversion of a bulk carrier to a transshipper (HUBCO Transshipper , Pakistan). Let’s take a closer look.

The scope of DEUTZ ITALY supply: 3x NIIGATA ® Diesel Generators model 6L28AHX-G. The sale will allow DEUTZ ITALY to provide after-sales services for the entire useful life of the Diesel Generators, which is estimated at 20 years overall, at least.

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The 6L28AHX engine delivers 2,100 mechanical kW at 720 rpm, a reference model that deserves to be discovered up close, as the leader for the 28AHX family. It is segmented into 6, 8 and 9 cylinders in line and 12, 16 and 18 cylinders in V, to push up to 6,570 kWm. But let’s find out all its features together below.

Data sheet of the supplied GenSets

  • Engine model: 6L28AHX
  • Engine type: Marine diesel, four-stroke, Miller cycle with VIVT (Variable Intake Valve Timing) system
  • Engine MCR: 2100kWmech at 720RPM
  • Bore / Stroke: 280 / 390mm
  • Electric power: 2000kWel 60Hz/440V/3ph
  • Fuel: MDO, MGO, HFO
  • Fuel Consumption: <183g/kWh with MDO
  • Class: NK/RINA
  • NOx emissions: EIAPP, IMO Tier II certified

Everything related to after-sales maintenance

As anticipated, the new agreement provides that DEUTZ ITALY also takes care of after-sales maintenance for the entire duration according to the systems supplied, a detail not to be overlooked. This service is guaranteed by both internal and external resources, equipped with the necessary skills and certifications to operate in a highly specialized sector. This offers a very important advantage to the owner of the ship: receiving from a single subject, DEUTZ ITALY, both the new product and the commissioning services, sea trials and subsequent service (spare parts and maintenance) for the entire useful life.

But what has changed compared to the past? DEUTZ ITALY is expected to take care of sales and service also for the following countries: Balkans, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco (Monte Carlo), Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.