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DEUTZ has always stood out for the quality and longevity of its products and for its top-level customer support. With a view to further strengthening the service available to DEUTZ engine buyers, DEUTZ launches the new S-DEUTZ portal.


This new web portal is at the same time a point of arrival and a new departure in the company’s journey towards achieving ever more complete and professional standards in customer care.

Digitalization offers more customer services

S-DEUTZ was created to satisfy the company’s and the customer’s primary needs, bringing together some cornerstones of the service available to buyers of DEUTZ engines. The new look of the portal brings old and new products and services into perfect focus, within a completely digitized system.

A continuously evolving service and support

On the one hand, the company’s objective is obviously to establish a profitable and lasting relationship with the customer. On the other hand, owners of DEUTZ products will have a portal at their disposal in which to find any answer during the entire life cycle of purchased engine. It’s important for the customer to have the certainty of being able to count on a high-quality, constantly updated support service. The path that led the company to the creation, first of E-DEUTZ in 2018, and S-DEUTZ in 2021 demonstrates the will to improve in every field year after year.

The new S-DEUTZ portal

S-DEUTZ comes with a design that clearly highlights the path to the customer who, going through the various steps, will arrive at an easy resolution of each problem.

There are six cornerstones of S-DEUTZ that clearly highlight the entire range of services available to the customer:

  • Lifetime parts warranty
  • Extended Engine Warranty
  • Lifecycle Solutions
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Telematic Assistance
  • Service Contracts

All these elements find full realization in the Service Portal 2.0.

An updated product line

Four major cornerstones of the customer support infrastructure have already been introduced during the year. Two new services will start in the near future. Let’s briefly review the past development and what the future holds for DEUTZ’s after-sales service.

Lifetime Parts Warranty

By registering your DEUTZ engine on the assistance portal, you may take advantage of a 5-year or 5,000-hour warranty on original spare parts purchased through official distribution channels. The advantages for the company and the customer are various. On the one hand, engine registration allows DEUTZ to have a better overview of the geographical distribution of its products in order to have a more efficient communication with engine owners. The customer, for his part, has the certainty of professional support even on the purchased spare parts.

Extended Engine Warranty

Furthermore, buyers of DEUTZ engines can take advantage of more extensive protection for the chosen product. The power and flexibility of a service of this kind is an extra tool for the company, with a view to ever-increasing expansion of its market share. This special warranty extension enables the purchaser to plan investments in a more serene way, avoiding unforeseen costs due to unexpected breakdowns.

Lifecycle Solutions

This service allows each DEUTZ customer to be able to select, with the help of qualified personnel, a vast range of services for engine repair or replacement. The assistance network in this case is able to provide services that are clear in detail, providing the ideal support in perfectly defined terms. The result will be transparent communication between the customer and DEUTZ Service team, with a strengthening of the relationship between the engine owner and the company.

DPF Cleaning

DEUTZ also chooses to expand the range of its services by offering the possibility of cleaning the engine particulate filter. It should be emphasized that the company also makes this opportunity available for non-DEUTZ products. The service is extremely fast and combines well with other services, such as replacement. It will be an opportunity for owners of other brands’ engines to get to know the reality and quality of DEUTZ services.

Telematic Services (coming soon)

With the arrival of the new remote control tools for machinery, DEUTZ is also preparing to launch its own telematic assistance structure. The relationship between the customer and the assistance network becomes ever closer, thanks also to the supply of hardware and software components for activating the service. The result will be a better optimization of the engines’ functioning, thanks to the prevention of avoidable breakdowns. The inputs given electronically to the customer will allow a correct use of each machine, strengthening the customer’s relationship of trust with the company.

Service contracts (coming soon)

A series of service contracts are also being defined which will allow DEUTZ engine customers to plan all maintenance operations from a temporal and economic point of view. Furthermore, fault management will be further simplified, thanks to easy integration with other products provided by the support service such as the extended engine warranty.

Service Portal 2.0

All these options are included in S-DEUTZ a new free platform where DEUTZ engine customers who register on the portal can find every solution to their problems. Thus, the supply of all types of services through the local assistance network will be available to the customer.

S-DEUTZ communication campaign

The launch coincides with an important communication campaign via newsletter and on social media. Of great importance is the creation of a series of presentation videos with interventions by the company’s representatives and customers. A full range of initiatives at trade fairs with demonstrations of the new platform will also be implemented.