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DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program

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Choosing DEUTZ engines means benefiting from the special Lifetime Warranty Program.This is a special treatment reserved for customers who register the purchased engine on the DEUTZ service portal. Registration will allow access to special services offered by DEUTZ as well as a special warranty on all purchased original spare parts. These special services add to the great robustness and longevity of DEUTZ. A great opportunity for all DEUTZ engine customers.

DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty

In its long history as a manufacturer of engines and vehicles for various working needs, DEUTZ has always stood out for the sturdiness and reliability of its products. Its engines, generators, and all other propulsion systems are present in hundreds of thousands of equipment of all kinds, in every part of the globe. The preference for DEUTZ components is a fundamental choice for companies in terms of concreteness and continuity of service. We believe that performance (fundamental and easily obtainable with DEUTZ products) must always be accompanied by a drastic reduction in downtime due to breakdowns or replacement of deteriorated parts. In this specific field, our products boast an enviable level of reliability and durability, even in the case of long-term use at maximum load.However, DEUTZ once again wanted to go beyond this limit by proposing cutting-edge services even in the event of spare parts replacement. All this translates into the “DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty”. This is a warranty program aimed at covering original spare parts that are installed on DEUTZ products, by authorized service centers, starting from January 1st, 2021.

Registration on the DEUTZ Service Portal

Let’s begin by saying that the first condition for accessing this special service reserved for DEUTZ products customers is the registration of the engine within the assistance service portal. Registering the engine on the dedicated website https://sdeutz.com allows the customer to benefit from this and other services, as well as special personalized offers. A vast online documentation of the purchased products will be available within the portal.

Use of original DEUTZ spare parts

DEUTZ engines have always been a concentrate of technology and efficiency, the result of a long process of design and production of parts that are always of the highest quality. For this reason, our products always offer top performance. Using non-original and lower quality spare parts (at best, spare parts with slightly different characteristics) means losing the correct functioning synergy of the parts of the entire engine. Risk is the beginning of a chain of failures that is not always controllable.

The use of original DEUTZ spare parts purchased and installed from an authorized partner has a double advantage. First, there is the certainty of the engines’ perfect functioning in the following years, with a performance which is always in line with the customer’s expectations. Furthermore, the purchase and installation of original DEUTZ spare parts from an authorized dealer allows access to the Lifetime Warranty Program. The use, even partial, of non-original spare parts in the engine voids this special warranty on the purchased DEUTZ spare parts. Another important detail to access the DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program is to keep the original invoice for the purchase and installation of spare parts. This to give evidence to other dealers, in case the machine moves to other regions or countries, that the work has been performed by authorized partners.

Costs for the purchase of spare parts and for repairs

An important clarification should be made regarding this important topic. If you decide to have maintenance or repairs carried out through the circuit of authorized Deutz assistance centres, each spare part installed on the engine, with the exclusion of consumable materials (belts-filters), or materials that have already reached the time limits of replacement (as indicated in the use and maintenance booklet), is covered by the DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program. In the event of manufacturing defects in the engine or individual parts, the replacement parts and costs will be borne by DEUTZ, with the exclusion of travel costs and hours, always within the general purchased engine warranty rules.

The DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program

Joining this special service allows to benefit from a truly special advantage. Original spare parts purchased and installed at an authorized DEUTZ assistance service will benefit from the 5-year or 5000 working hour warranty. During this time, the spare part will be replaced with a new one free of charge. The labor costs for replacing the spare part will also be borne by DEUTZ.

What is not covered by DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program

As with any type of warranty, there are clear limitations regarding the scope of coverage. Specifically, wearing parts and operating fluids, service and travel expenses, the cost of customer equipment downtime, engines operating in the mining area, and damage caused by an incorrect installation or from improper use, are not covered by DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program.

Summarizing the terms of DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program

We will now briefly list all the conditions for benefiting from the spare parts warranty program and its scope of application.


  • The engine must be registered online at the DEUTZ service portal https://sdeutz.com, following the instructions for registering new users
  • Repair / maintenance must be performed by authorized personnel
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out after 1 January 2021, including spare parts, must be documented in the digital DEUTZ service log, in the above portal
  • The original invoice of purchase and installation must be presented


  • 5 years or 5,000 operating hours
  • Cost of spare parts and labor


  • Wearing parts and operating fluids
  • Assistance and travel expenses
  • Cost for customer equipment downtime
  • Engines that operate in the mining sector
  • Damage caused by incorrect installation or improper use

DEUTZ at the forefront of customer assistance also after the purchase 

As you can understand, a great effort has been made to offer our customers the maximum possible support, even in the event that it is necessary to replace engine components, offering a broad warranty on them. The goal has always been the same, to provide superior equipment with after-sales support worthy of the DEUTZ brand.