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DEUTZ Italy Expands its Assistance and Spare Parts Supply Network

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DEUTZ has always stood out for the great attention it pays to each of its customers at every stage of the life of its engines. With this effort DEUTZ introduces all available forces in order to offer maximum support to its customers.

DEUTZ main services

One of the most important services is DEUTZ Lifetime Warranty Program which offers a 5-year or 5,000-operation hours warranty for original spare parts, assembled by authorized personnel. A service of this kind guarantees great continuity of action in any work environment.

Not to mention DEUTZ Lifecycle Solutions service which offers a whole series of options for replacing the engine. In this case, when the customer needs to radically replace the engine, DEUTZ is able to provide highly customized support.

The center of all these activities is DEUTZ Service Portal where, by registering the engine, it’s possible to access a whole series of personalized services. The spare parts service in particular, but also the assistance service will be redirected to the reference assistance center in the area.

Strengthening the network, a better coordination

To better coordinate this service, DEUTZ Italy is implementing a process to optimize its network, especially in areas where providing a quick and effective service is essential.

As far as the Triveneto area is concerned, three realities are being activated which will give new impetus to the spare parts and assistance service. The agreement for the supply of the spare parts service has already been defined at Marghera, while the entire spare parts and assistance service is being defined with further companies for Trieste and Udine.

Even in a region like Puglia, the population of Deutz engines is becoming increasingly important. For this reason Deutz Italy is completing new collaboration agreements to ensure more effective coverage of the territory.

Taking action in the islands

Other areas of significant importance for DEUTZ Italy are obviously the islands, given that DEUTZ engines are a point of reference for certain applications. As far as Sicily is concerned, a new unit for the distribution of spare parts and assistance will soon be active, which will be able to better serve the areas of Palermo, Trapani and Marsala. In Sardinia, on the other hand, the assistance network will be strengthened thanks to a company that has already been operating on the island for some time and will also be able to cover users who rely on Torqeedo electric engines.

DEUTZ Italy and the North-West, together for a new challenge

In Piedmont, a new partnership will soon be announced in the Novara area to improve the quality of the assistance service.
Finally, a special collaboration has been launched in Lombardy aimed at covering a very important sector, that of logistics and in particular the rental of forklift trucks. It’s a market where other operators prevail, but it will in any case be an important scenario where DEUTZ Italy, by vocation, will necessarily be called upon to operate to guarantee a high “performance” service.